What I don't understand is why this thing is even an issue? If you don't want one, good. But, how are you going to decide what other people can and cannot do to themselves? Then they say, "It's murder." How is it murder if it doesn't even function as a seperate unit? If you want to call it unborn, then isn't merely wasting sperm murder? Is jerking off murder, because it kills potential babies? Shit, why don't you spend more time worrying about real murder.

If abortions are made illegal everywhere, do you really think that's going to stop them? Not as long as coat hangers, broken bottles, and broom handles are easy to access. That's when murder comes in. I'm sure most people would prefer a "safe" abortion by a qualified doctor as opposed to repeatedly jamming a sawed off broom handle up their cooch.

Ah, but the worst things are the anti-abortion activists. Is it me, or are they just the most self-righteous motherfuckers to ever walk the earth? They really think they are doing a world of help. You wanna be of service? How about you pay the full costs of delivery and pre-natal care for that troubled teen you just denied an abortion, by burning down the town's only clinic. Adopt her baby too. That shit is expensive.

I know you say that they should keep their legs closed, but well, shit happens. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't have an abortion. I'd have my baby, and keep it, although I hate kids. But then, I'm strong. I can deal with it. Everyone is not prepared to take responsibility for their actions. I know that if I fuck around, chances are I'll get knocked up immediately, because I have such shitty luck. Hence, I keep my legs closed. That's common sense. But we all know, that not everybody has common sense. So we have a 15 year old girl who fancies herself in love. She gets a bit more than she bargained for. She was dumb, she didn't know any better. Should we give her another shot?

Personally, I think you should be allowed only one abortion in your life, it must be before you reach the five month mark, and it'd better be for a damn good reason. You were raped? Fine. You were molested? Fine. You're just a whore? Oh no, you'd better have that fuckin' kid. But if you can't afford it, we'll have an activist pay your expenses.

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