If I hear God bless America one more time...

If you're one of those flag-toting, "Arab"-hating, psycho-patriot types, you may want to stop reading now, because you will probably be angry with me for what I have to say. Not that I give a shit or anything, just thought I'd give you fair warning.

Tuesday, September 11th: Outrage. Grief. Confusion. All of these are just what I felt when I got back to my dorm room from my 10am class and found that the rock station wasn't playing any music. "What in the hell is going on?" I wondered. Then I recalled a bit of a conversation I'd overhead. One of the girls in my class had mentioned that an airplane had flown into a building in New York. I hadn't really cared at the time, I figured it was just some rookie pulling a JFK Jr. Then I turned on the TV. "Holy shit!" could hardly express my surprise as I saw the footage of the second plane going through the tower. I watched the news as I did my nails, not quite sure what to make of it. Then the Pentagon "The Pentagon? What the fuck for? They didn't aim for the White House?!" I exclaimed. My roommate shrugged and said she didn't care, she was just glad our classes were cancelled. I went downstairs to go to lunch, and saw girls running out of the dorm with boxes and suitcases. "What the hell is up with these nimrods?" I muttered as I called my dad on my cell phone (Oops. Weren't supposed to use those). I didn't exactly know what to think. See, at this point, I was still under the impression that these were private planes, no one had said they were airline passenger jets full of innocent people. Oh, but when I found that out, I was livid. Pretty damn pissed in fact. But at who?

Well, how about the media? You insincere fucks make me sick. This is a feeding frenzy and every single station has bust out the big plates, trying to gorge themselves on every tearful face, every panicked child, and I am so sick and tired of seeing pictures of the World Trade Center with people jumping out of them. It's completely and utterly disgusting. They talk about how America needs to heal, and how we have to move forward, and then what do they do? Show a picture of the WTC collapsing, cut to the big ass chunk out of the Pentagon. Do you heal a wound by stabbing it open again repeatedly? They don't want you to heal, they want you to cry, scream, have mental breakdowns, so they can run up to you, shove a mic in your face and ask how you feel. How the fuck do you think these people feel? Like breaking into a song and dance number? They feel like shit, and the media knows it. The people in the media are like ticks that grow fat on blood from things such as this. Oh, you think I'm being too hard on them? I woke up one morning and watched the news before going to class, this reporter was talking about the tragedy, looking like he wanted to be out golfing somewhere. He tried to muster up something deep and sympathetic to say. You know what he came up with? Something about how the New York skyline will never be the same. What? I mean, I love looking at skylines and all, but what type of fucking insensitive-ass thing is that to say? A shitload of people lost their lives, and all you can think about is how the Manhattan waterfront isn't going to look as pretty.

Oh, and we can't forget the government. Isn't this just precious. In the beginning, it appeared that they were running scared just like everybody else. This "completely unexpected" terrorist attack that they had no clue about. Yeah fucking right. I find it exceedingly odd how they just knew terrorists were responsible. Although they claimed not to know anything. Then, a few days later, all of this evidence starts popping up out of nowhere. Flight schools, cashed money orders, it just seems a little too right. I'm watching all of this on the news thinking "Who in the fuck is Osama Bin Laden?" I wouldn't be surprised if all of this was an inside job, I sure as hell wouldn't put it past them. I do find it a little disconcerting that Bush was ready to go to war before half the country even knew what the hell was going on. Apparently the Commander In Chief has no problem sticking other people's asses on the line first and foremost. I guess his daddy had a war, so he feels he has to have one too.

I'm really not too concerned about how they supposedly didn't know about this attack being planned. I'd just like to know how come when those planes starting zig-zagging all off their courses, no one thought anything was wrong. I'm no expert on radar or aviation, but I could've sworn that if a plane was flying all over the place, someone would notice. That is part of the problem; making assumptions.

A lot of Americans live in a self-inflicted sense of security. We take our safety for granted. We see violence on TV all the time, but until it happens to us, it doesn't matter. We demand that we have a right to be safe, and the government makes promises they can't keep. No one can guarantee that to anyone else. No matter how much money a country has, or how civilized they're supposed to be. Because SHIT HAPPENS, and NO ONE is exempt. Not even we Americans with our with our notions of being the biggest baddest country on the planet. We may be a super power, but we are not gods, and that is something a lot of people need to realize. More people die every day somewhere else in the world than we lost on September 11th, and no one gives a shit. What about all the other people in the world who get their freedoms taken away on a regular basis? The people who have come to accept terror as an unavoidable aspect of life? 'Fuck 'em, they're not American', seemed to be the common attitude prevalent in our society. Then it happens here, and everyone is so upset. Having lost quite a few family members throughout my short years, I can sympathize with the families of the people who died as a result of this. But I refuse to be driven into a red rage over this, as I have come to terms with the fact that everybody will die sooner or later. Who are you to say that lives are cut short? No one is guaranteed a smooth transition from birth to old age.

And how do my fellow Americans cope with this? Some, in an intelligent manner. Mourn a bit, and realize that the world does not stop spinning for the living, go back to work, and move on. Some, in a patriotic manner. Buy a zillion flags, stick them everywhere, on giant wooden penises, even. And some go all fucking nuts, going out and looking for people of Middle Eastern descent to vent their rage on. That perhaps is the single most ignorant thing to do at this time. Blaming these people just because others who happen to share a common ancestry with them decided to give the US a real kick in the ass is not the wisest or the most logical action to take. It's rather counter-productive. That would be like me punching every single white person I ever came across, because of slavery. Get over yourselves.

Then the scary coping, demands for death. There is a difference between justice and revenge. Look at it like this, if Osama had been on one of those planes and died, would the US be any more content? Hell no. They'd still be trying to stick dynamite up the Taliban's ass. If some guy kills your friend, then kills himself, do you feel any better that he's already dead? No, because he choose it, so it's not justice. What warped reasoning. Technically the people who did the killing are already dead, they gave their lives for their cause. But since they chose to die, it's not fair. We've been cheated. We wanted to kill them. We wanted to kill the people who put them up to it. And the people who raised them, and the people who loved them, and everybody else we can get, until we feel satisfied. I'll bet that if they do catch Osama, they're not just going to kill him. They're going to torture him first.

Perhaps if I'd lost someone in this, I too would want to blow Afghanistan off the map. I'm not too eager to go to war with the Middle East however, they have some pretty nasty weapons of their own. I live a little too close to our nation's capital, and I have no desire to be nuked because of all of this. As far as the prospect of killing innocents... Hmm, well it's hard to have a whole lot of compassion when they seem to be so moved by our dilemma. Dancing in the streets, even. I say retaliate if you must, but for crying out loud, don't make a World War 3 out of this.

As far as the loss of the World Trade Centers, I will say this. 110 story buildings never should've been built. That was a fucking moronic idea, and it was jinxed from the start. Those engineers knew damn well that one day those things would come down, and when they did they would kill a hell of a lot of people. Of course, I don't have to tell you that. This says it all. We all know that what goes up must come down, but will they learn from this? Hell no. You know damned well they're already planning to slap up another WTC, even bigger and more dangerous than the last one.

And what about the plane that crashed into the field? The one where the passengers actually tried to fight? They get little publicity or mention, but I think they deserve it more than anyone. I'm still trying to figure out how the hell you hijack a plane with knives? One of those planes had 92 people on it. How in the fuck do 5 men with knives, successfully hijack a plane with 92 people? That, I will never understand.

There are others things about this whole thing I could probably say. Probably a few topics overlooked, and left unmentioned. If you have a question, I'd direct you towards the forum. Because I have classes Monday. You see, life does go on.

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