This is just a pointless PWP (Plot? What plot?) one-shot that I decided to do while trying to combat the writer’s block that is preventing me from working on any of my other stories right now. Yes, a Riku + Sora lemon, how original. I’ll try not to be too trite. ^_~ But no promises.

Title: Aquarium Epiphany
Main Characters: Sora, Riku
Genre: Romance, Smut
Rating: NC17
Summary: After a hearty game of UNO, Riku & Sora get it on. That's it.
Disclaimer: A bunch of rich motherfuckers own Kingdom Hearts and all of it’s characters. Aqua owns the “Aquarium” CD. Orgy owns the “Candyass” CD. The Prince song where he mentions washing his loved one’s hair is called “If I Was Your Girlfriend,” and it is owned by, you guessed it, Prince. I don’t own a damn thing but my own skin. If you sued me, it wouldn’t even be worth the cost of the attorney.
Warning: Plot! Character development! Storyline! <--- This story contains none of these things! What it does contain however, is shameless smut, yaoi sex with absolutely no point whatsoever. You know you want it.

Chapter 1: Smutfest 2004

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