Suffer the little protestors

As some of you probably know by now, I have been strutting around on College Club, posting deliberately inflammatory remarks, instigating fights, and ignoring many a man foolish enough to try to use pick-up lines on me. It is indeed fun. What follows is my post to a message board on Assisted Suicide:

The problem with a lot of people who think they have the right to deny others the ability to end their own lives, is that they have not yet come to terms with one key fact. The truth is, we are all going to die. No matter how cute, rich, witty or antisocial, you & everyone you know will die. The conditions of your inevitable departure can vary greatly from what you might expect. People who want doctor assisted suicides are usually not headed towards the peaceful death in their sleep that most people seem to think they're going to get.

Sure right now your life is rosy. Suppose tomorrow you get hit by a truck & manage to survive. You can't even breathe by yourself, your body is so mangled. You have no coherent thoughts, because the pain drowns out everything else. Even when you sleep, or rather pass out, what is left of your body feels like it's being put through a paper shredder and set on fire as it comes out. How'd you like to exist like that? I say exist, because such a state does not qualify as living. Any life is not better than no life. One only has to look at the diseased starving masses in this world who are not even capable of begging for the death that would end their suffering. Can you deny them oblivion because you're too scared to come to grips with your own death someday? Or is life just too precious a thing, even when it is torture?

Guess what time it is boys & girls? It's time for my angry Christian impersonation! "Killing yourself is WRONG! God will be very angry at you, and you will burn in HELL! GOD GOD GOD GOD! GOD OWNZ U!!!" Yeah, yeah. Alright, now think (I know that must be hard for you, you've been a sheep all your life) about what could happen if there is no Heaven or Hell. Well, there goes your fire & brimstone argument.

It's selfish to force someone else to carry on simply because you cannot come to terms with your own concept of loss. If someone wants to die, let them. So long as they don't kill anyone else along with themselves, it is really none of your business.

Of course, after I posted that, some Christian Republican got a bug up in his ass and started ranting about the Hippocratic Oath, and saying that what would happen is that doctors would go needle-happy and euthanize everyone for economy. Granted, this is a capitalist society, and a needle full of air, or a plastic bag over someone's head is a hell of a lot cheaper than years of medication, nursing care, and life support. Of course, doctors kill their patients now as it is, for many reasons. The scary truth is that if that's what the doctor wants to do, he's going to do it, regardless of the law. Of course, if the government decided to completely legalize it, they'd probably start putting things on people's driver's licenses like with the organ donor section. If the doctors started offing people who had clearly checked 'No' to assisted suicide or any other form of plug-pulling, there'd be some of that disgruntled shakedown arrest-making that the government is good for.

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