Mommy Dearest

My disgust towards the parents in this country has grown to an all-time high. Words cannot express the sheer loathing and disbelief I felt when I happened to notice an article on my Yahoo news page. What was it, you ask? An article stating that a large number of children have died this summer, as a result of being locked inside cars.

Now, I don't like children. They make my skin crawl. But I do not think that they should be left inside locked cars to broil in the sun. Shit, I don't even leave my cat, my CD player, my goddamn make-up inside a hot car. What the hell types of parents are these?! One child died after being locked in the car while his parents went to church. What type of fucked up shit is that?! What's driving me nuts about this is that I know that most of these parents are going to get off without any penalty. "Oh, they already lost their child. I think they've been punished enough. It's a mistake, it can happen to anybody."

No. Having sex without a condom is a mistake. Failing to be responsible for a life that YOU created and then calling it an accident when something goes wrong is NOT a mistake. Mistakes do not result in the death of living things. Stupidity does.

This article is a prime example of that. And what makes it worse it how people are so quick to make allowances for these morons who can't cut it as parents. The woman expected her 12-year old to make sure all the other younger children got out of the car. Most 12-year olds aren't even responsible for themselves, let alone other kids. Never expect your children to watch themselves.

'"When you've got that many kids, you can't keep an eye on all of them at the same time," said neighbor Octavio Guzman.'

She should've thought of that when she was flat on her back making those damn kids. She's the one who chose to have five kids and no man. My parents had four, and you can bet your sweet ass that none of us were left in hot cars to die.

No, it's not having too many kids. It's having too little brains. In this society, we force people to want kids. We pound it into their heads that they MUST reproduce, like it or not. If you don't want to play House, than we make it seem like there's something wrong with you. Everyone should want kids. The result of this? Kids left in cars, drowning in bathtubs, mauled by dogs. Irresponsible parents who get away with these acts of negligence, and say "Oops. We fucked up. Let's try again. This time we'll get it right." No, no, no. When someone's life is at stake there are no "do-overs." No second chances. Parenting should not be a trial & error affair. These are living breathing creatures. Children are not toys. They feel, they bleed, they die. And when they die, the failures responsible should not be able to just say game over, play again. There is something that people are supposed to have, called Common Sense. When those parents left their kids in a steel box for an extended period of time, what did they expect to happen? That the kid would drop their body temperature to adjust to the rising heat in the car?! "Oh, we didn't know that would happen." they say. You didn't know?! I'll tell you what you didn't know. You didn't know your ass from a hole in the ground, that's what you didn't know!

Let's face it, everyone should not have kids. If you are not secure mentally, financially, or otherwise unable to take care of yourself, you have no business breeding. Don't give me your fucking sob stories about having to work extra shifts to support all your kids. Nobody told you to have them to begin with. You shouldn't have been fucking around. I so do not give a rat's ass how hard having kids has made your life. My sympathies lie with the child however, unfortunate to be stuck with your sorry ass as a parent.

Oh, and on the subject of people who should not be pissing in the gene pool, I detest takers of fertility drugs. If one of those women who like to have their kids in mass amounts had come to me asking for those drugs, I'd of pulled out her goddamn uterus with salad tongs and pointed her silly ass towards an adoption agency. Humans were not meant to have litters. God did not give you those children. God gave you faulty reproductive equipment for a reason, and you went against it, took drugs that probably cause all manner of cancer in lab rats, brought mentally and physically deficient children who will know nothing but pain for a great part of their lives, into this world, then sing all praises to the lord. Your asses should be struck down on the spot, you selfish bitches. So greedy, so determined to carry on your genes that you don't care if these children go through hell on earth, as long as you get them. Fertility drugs should be permanently banned.

So what can the government do to ensure that only those deserving of children reproduce? First they need to grow some balls and tell the soccer moms to go fuck themselves. Then they need to make certain restrictions as far as having a child goes. You have to pass a test or get a license to do damn near everything else, but anyone can have a child to do with as they please? I find something so very wrong with that. There should be an age limit at least, (all you 13 year old mommies, please spare me your nonsensical hate mail and go to school or something). You should be making enough money to take care of yourself. You should not have any mental problems, homicidal tendencies, history of psychotic behavior, etc. Raising children should be a privilege, a right even, but not a means to enforce your deranged controlling issues onto someone who depends on you for survival. If you need something to hold, get a stuffed animal. Get a puppy. I sincerely hope that someday people realize that to carry on this way has a self-destructive streak for humanity as a whole, with the more improperly reared people that are made, they will in turn beget more, until no one knows how to wipe their own ass anymore. Or that the government says to hell with informing the public and starts forcibly sterilizing and seizing the offspring of these morons who try to have kids they don't know how to take care of. *Hint, hint*

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