Hail to the chief, whatever

I do not like George Bush. I do not like George W. Bush. I do not like their wives. And I sure as hell do not like the drunkard Bush daughters. You could say I'm just biased against Republicans and I could just tell you to kiss my ass. But would that make it right?

The fact is, I like for my leader to have a fair amount of brain filling up his cranial cavity. Our current president speaks much like a 3 year old with phonics problems. Just more proof that you can go to one of the best colleges and still come out a retard. Might've had something to do with all that crack he smoked. Alright, maybe it's not fair for me to pretentiously attack his intelligence.

How about his hypocrisy? How can one be anti-abortion, and pro-capital punishment? Murder is murder. Be the victim fetus, serial killer, cow. It's all the same. If you can't play God with unborn babies, then you can't play God with those poor souls who strayed down the wrong path. Bush shares the typical viewpoints of the rich & spoiled. All that trendy misguided bullshit from people who want to save the world from the comfort of their cocktail parties and social benefits. These people couldn't save their own ass if it was an endangered species, and they want to save the world.

I'm also not too fond of his "good Christian values". One, a true by the book Christian would not condone the death penalty, nor dish it out like it was fucking candy. Two, good Christians do not buy elections with the help of their families. George W. Bush is a sinner. *plays ominous harp and organ music* As a non-religious person I have no problem sitting back and laughing when people drive their own religious guidelines into the ground. However, when these people become presidents of the country, it's not a laughing matter. It scares me that such a person has power.

I understand that he came into his presidency with a huge burden, but guess fucking what? It's the PRESIDENCY! If you can't take the heat, get the fuck out of the Oval Office. We're not playing with kid gloves here, this is the real thing. Presidents are not suposed to have smooth four year joy rides, they're supposed to suffer when the country suffers, and prove they can handle the job by doing something about it. He was supposed to have burdens, not neccessarily one so big, but hell, you wanted the job, take it like a man, and prove that you deserve to be in charge around here.

The very fact that Bush's approval rating is so high, just goes to show that the US is full of morons, and apparently only the morons participate in such voting. I'd hoped the four years of darkness would pass quickly and quietly, but oh no. We must end terrorism. And how the fuck does he plan to do that? By dropping bombs and food rations on people? He is treating this "war" like a big game of Battleship, and sucking at it all the way. And what the hell is the idea behind the food dropping? The idea of war is to kill the enemy. Not to feed them, or humanely bomb them into surrender. Just round up all the civilians, move them out, and nuke the damn place if you plan to get this over with anytime soon. And to people who are prepared to get mad because of the loss of human life, shut up. This is a war, not a tea party. Take off the frilly dresses and get down to business. As if dropping food makes you any less of an asshole in their eyes. I don't care if you drop a million dollars in a duffle bag, if you drop bombs with it, you're still an asshole, live with it. I'm no expert on war, but I do know when someone is going about it all ass-backwards, thank you very much.

Oh yes, don't forget his meetings with other countries. Trying to bully them into helping us. "Sympathy for the United States isn't enough." Says who? It's none of their goddamn business and they don't have to do anything. Why should they send their troops to die for our cause? Would we offer our own lives to them in such a situation? I find that hard to believe, considering that terrorism has existed rampantly in most parts of the world for quite some time and we did not give a shit until it happened to us. And now he expects the same people who's plight we blissfully ignored to all unite for the good of democracy? Give me a fucking break. They have the right to not help us, it doesn't concern them in their eyes, and if I was in their shoes, I'd do the same thing. Isn't that just like the US. Ignoring everyone else, then coming to other countries for help, all late like a crackhead, whenever they need something. What we need is to find a common ground between having balls and having brains, if he has any intention of ending this thing without disatrous results.

I remain pissed at all of the people who helped to put Bush into office, and I would not donate an organ to them if they needed it. They can ask their precious leader for one of his organs. I'm no fan of Al Gore either, and I sincerely hope that the next election provides me with a something other than a "damned if I do, damned if I don't" selection of candidates. I'd vote for Hillary. I'd vote for Chelsea for godsakes. If I haven't been killed by a falling plane, anthrax, or smallpox by then, courtesy of the Taliban in correlation with George W. Bush. God bless America, right?

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