Thank You, Captain Obvious

I am not a poet, but I do write poems for class, when I have to.

People say itís so cold outside
I wonder why they are surprised
Itís January after all and
The winter only truly began last month
I wonder if they forgot
What it was like in the 80ís and
Early 90ís when I was a kid
It was a lot colder then
The air was brisk and chilly by September
And all your cute summer clothes
Were packed away until next year
I always wanted a really pretty costume
For Halloween
Like a fairy or maybe a ballerina
But I always went as a gypsy or
A witch in a cloak because
Nothing takes the fun out of a really pretty costume
Like freezing your ass off
November meant shivering mornings at the bus stop
Wishing the school bus had better heat
December was even colder but that was okay
Hot cocoa and Christmas shopping
Kept you warm inside
No matter how low the temperature dropped
January was by far the worst
By then PE and recess had been moved indoors
But we didnít mind at all
Because the playground equipment felt like
Steel-plated ice to the touch
Often the weatherman would call for snow
These were hopeful occasions
In French class we would do the snow dance
Magically it always worked, school was cancelled
Snowmen were lovingly built and treasured
Ear infections were caused by
Simply not being fast enough
To avoid a snowball to the side of the head
Youíd tell your parents you werenít going to try
Anything too crazy with your new sled but
You were lying through your chattering teeth
We rejoiced fully, and tried not to think about
How we would pay for this luxury
With a few days from our summer vacation
All of this now seems so foreign to me
As I watch snowflakes of promising size
Melt into wasted potential on the warm pavement
But I remember when they always used to stick

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