If you want to contact me (lord knows why), I can be reached in a couple of ways.

Make sure you put mortalcyn.net or something like that in the subject line, because I delete 90% of my mail without even reading it, if it's not from people that I know personally. If you want to flame me, don't waste your time. Any hatemail will be simply deleted. I'm too old for that shit, people. ^_^ If it is fanfiction, or fanart related, send it to the e-mail address in my author's profile, please!

I'm rarely ever on this, but every now and then I feel like torturing myself with ignoramuses in Yahoo chat. >_<

I'm on this fairly often, but anyone who isn't on my buddy list requires my approval to talk to me. Just don't say any stupid shit, and I probably won't block you. ^_~

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