I Am Not a Creep, I Am a Pick-Up Artiste.

Surprisingly enough, I actually didn't write this for class. I wrote this for my muse. He's the inspiration behind pretty much every perverse thing I wrote that semester.

If I said that you had a beautiful body,
Would you hold it against me?
And if I had a nickel for every time I thought about it,
Iíd be wealthier than King Solomon himself.
Rich enough to buy and sell your delectable ass,
But what I want from you is not for sale.
What I need, you have to give of your own free will.
And no, of course Iím not the devil, my dear,
But the things I could do to you, behind closed doors,
Would probably get us both sent straight to Hell.
Thereís room in this hand basket for one moreÖ
So, donít be shy. Iíll even let you ride on top.

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