Let's get a few things straightened out up front, okay? ^_^

I own everything you see on this site, unless otherwise stated. Layout, I own. Content, I own. Pictures, I own. You, I own. If you are unsure as to whether I own something, the answer is yes, unless it is a guest contribution, or something I shamelessly pilfered from a friend, in which case, I will always say so. Stealing is bad, so please do not steal from me. It will make me angry, and you won't like me when I'm angry.

There are many things on this site which some may find offensive. One, I curse, all the fucking time. No, I will not tone it down. Deal with it, or hit the bricks. Two, I occasionally rant about my observations and opinions of various aspects of society. You may have differing views, however, I do not give a shit, so keep them to yourself. I'm too old for internet flame wars, and you should be too. Three, I often write fictional stories that depict homosexuality, sociopathic behavior, controversial images, and all sorts of other good things that keep me up late at night. If this sort of thing creeps you out, please do not read them. I write for relaxation and fun, not to stir up a hornet's nest of closed-minded drones.

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