Eat Drink Love

I am not a poet, but I do write poems for class, when I have to. This one actually got published.

Here in the darkness where the mad ones dwell
Beneath the scratched and broken skin of the earth
Are the cannibal romantics, they offer prose
And love poetry through razor sharp teeth
Eyes narrowed, judging the distance to their prey.

They are classically trained predators, hissing
Sweet nothings through bloodstained lips and
Cracking open the bone to suck the marrow
While professions of love tumble from their
Open mouths with each purposeful bite.

They say there is no greater show of love
Than the eating of flesh of the one you adore
In this place, no one envies the lone wolf
Undesired at the banquet, forced to dine on
Empty plates and drink from empty glasses.

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