Ex Boyfriend

One of my brief high school writings I jotted down during a particularly boring drama club meeting.

“I need to talk to you Nikki.” he said to me that day during math class. I had been tugging irritably at my choker. I yawned and looked at the clock without answering. The time always seemed to drag in Mrs. Jacob’s class. I let my eyes roam around the room, soaking in the thoughts of my peers and drowning out the rest of what Tyler was saying to me. I found it easier to do that everyday just as Marius told me it would. I smiled to myself at the thought. Ah Marius... “Crump.” I was jolted from my daze by a carefully thrown paper ball. Tyler never could stand being ignored. What a jerk. “I need to talk to you after class.” he hissed. I answered him with the finger. He made his usual face he has when he can’t get his way. I sighed resignedly and put my head down. Lately I’ve been finding it harder and harder to stay awake during the day. Marius told me about that too.

I woke up late after the bell rang, feeling refreshed and strong. I looked around. Tyler wasn’t in the room. “Good,” I thought. “Maybe he decided to kill himself or something.” I gathered my books and made my way into the hall. I opened my locker expecting to see some lame note from Tyler, but instead there was no surprise. How odd. I headed out to the empty parking lot, still expecting some stupid stunt. Still no sign of Tyler. I opened my car door feeling quite pleased, and that’s when the attack came. Leave it to Tyler to hit someone when they’re feeling good. I soon found myself roughly manhandled into my own backseat, with the door closed in my face. I scrambled to a sitting position just in time to see Tyler jump into the driver’s seat and start the ignition. “Tyler what on earth...” I began.

“Shut up!” he screamed and peeled out of the lot. I rolled my eyes and sat back. God he screams like a sissy. He’s sure to attract cops driving like this. As if on cue. he slows down and proceeds to shout at me. I laid down and zone out just like Marius taught me.

I came back to reality a good while later. Tyler had driven my car right up to a clearing near a cliff and was now getting something from the trunk. Damn, my car is probably all muddy now. I peered up at the sky. It was quite dark. Wow I must’ve really tripped out. Tyler yanked open the door. “Get out bitch. And don‘t try to scream because no one can hear you anyway.”

I smiled slyly and stepped gracefully out of the car. Marius loves my gracefulness. I walked past Tyler and turned around. “So what’s this about Tyler?”

He somehow managed to look scared and pissed at the same time as he said “I’m gonna kill you Nikki. I’m gonna kill us both.”

“Really? I didn’t know you had it in you. So what’s the reason this time?”

Tyler held his gun down by his leg. “You wouldn’t give me another chance.”

I laughed loudly. Oh this was hilarious. “Is that all? What about the fact that I refused to testify for you in the upcoming court case. Really Tyler. Did you honestly expect me to lie. To tell the judge that you did not beat up that girl? The same girl that you cheated on me with last year? You had such poor taste too. Did you really?”

He looked outraged as he pointed the gun at me. “You bitch! You were supposed to stand by me Nikki! You’re my girl!” I shook my head and started walking back toward him.

“Nope. I stopped being your girl a year ago. I belong to Marius now.” I confessed. “You know that.”

“You could leave him.” he muttered. Sigh.

“No Tyler I can’t. I couldn’t leave him if I wanted to.” I stared him straight in the eyes as I spoke.

He backed away nervously. “Don’t come any closer Nikki.”

Step. “Why not Tyler?” I growled soothingly. Another step. “I just want to say goodbye to you Tyler. Up close.” I took off my choker. Even though it was dark I knew he‘d see. He did. He screamed and screamed as I closed in on him. “Tyler baby. You’re wasting your breath. No one can hear us remember? Besides you scream like a bitch.”

Ah yes. It was so easy. Just like Marius told me it’d be. My first kill. He’d be so proud that I got Tyler. Marius never did like him much. I picked a bit of flesh from between my fangs with a finger bone. It was messy but otherwise quite good. I tied the choker back on over Marius’s puncture marks, and slid behind the driver’s seat. Maybe I was wrong about Tyler. He was indeed a man of good taste.

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