Time for a little Q&A, although I'd prefer a little T&A, if you know what I mean.

Can I comment in your journal? Go right ahead. I don't mind at all.
Why do you have this site? Because I feel like it.
When will there be an update? When I feel like it.
Why do you have a livejournal? I grew too lazy to keep up the Daily Life entries. Live journal doesn't require me to do any HTML.
Did you know that you posted something that really pissed me off? Good, that means I'm doing my job. *thumbs up*
What are you like? I'm a college student. I go to class, I sleep and I eat. I go shopping when I have the money, I go to movies when I haven't downloaded them already and I hang out at my friend's places when I don't mind eating whatever horrible food they've ordered.

If you have a burning question that is not listed above or answered on the site, feel free to email or IM me. Warning: It really does take forever for me to respond. You'll think each letter of your sentence is being sent individually by the Pony Express or something.

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