Now with 99% more delicious brains!

Living under the illusion that I am indeed a free adolescent, and not subject to a merciless tyranny held over me by those that brought me into this world, I decided to go out for the evening. My friend wanted very badly to go see Hannibal. I knew nothing about the film other than that it was a sequel to Silence of the Lambs, which I don't even remember seeing. I didn't really want to go seeing as how I'm rather broke, and right now every dollar counts until I get paid. Yet I didn't feel like staying home, so off we went.

Well, we missed the first show, and opted to settle for the next which was the 9:25. Or so we thought. Upon arrival and purchasing of the tickets, we found out that it was the 9:45 show. I said my prayers, fearing for my very livelihood, as how my mother is insanely zealous about me being in the house by midnight. Ha ha, yes I know most of you probably had later curfews than that when you were fucking thirteen, so kiss my ass. Anyway, contented with Raisinets, I went into the theatre. We found it to be rather empty which meant the ignorance level was at a minimum. Always a good thing.

About the film itself: It was alright. Not great, not shitty. Just alright. I didn't know what to expect. People had been telling me that it was a scary movie. I can't be a fair judge of that, seeing as how I'm extremely hard to scare. By scare I mean screaming, heart pounding, shitless fear. I usually don't startle easy either. Although when he bit that woman in the face, I did jump and laugh. "You laugh?" Yes, and it sounds like a hundred soulless demons cackling with glee. Ah well, I'd say it was good but not worth eight goddamn dollars. The film takes place several years after the Silence of the Lambs scenario, and now Clarice is having career problems after shooting and killing five people in a botched drug bust. The only surviving victim of Hannibal's antics is a rich old man who just oozes of lunacy, and he forcibly hires Clarice to find Hannibal and return him alive. Meanwhile, Hannibal is having a grand old time living nice and low key in Italy. The man has taste, I'll give him that much. I don't want to spoil the entire movie, so I'll just say that there are some crooked and nosy cops who get involved. Go to this movie expecting to see a mind game and one twisted ass "love" story. You shall behold entrails, skin, blood, pigs, and of course brains. Can't forget those.

Damn them all
The fateful ticket that will change the course of my dreams for nights to come. Thanks a lot Steph.

Freaks of nature
Proving yet again that we have no business near a camera, my friend and I waste good money to amuse ourselves.

All in all, I liked the movie. I'm not sure if that is just because it's not a pathetic teen slasher flick, or if I genuinely enjoyed it. I'd say go see it if you have more than a few braincells rolling around in your skull, but for the love of all things natural, don't take the children. If you are a bit on the slow side, say Exland-ish, then perhaps you should stick to See Spot Run, or any other movie targeted towards the double digit IQ group. This movie makes you think, and I'd hate to worry about your head popping in the middle of the film due to sudden brain activity. That would be just terrible. Really.

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