The Harpy & The Manticore

I am not a poet, but I do write poems for class, when I have to. This one was also inspired by my muse, bless his little heart.

I could tell you tales about my love
A thousand odes alone to his dark eyes
His smiles are sharp, his laughter free
There remains a coldness underneath it all
His whispers always kill my heart
Yet I know I need and want him still

In the afterglow, when we both lie still
I shower him with praises of my love
Soft words never pierce his armored heart
Another world lies within his dark eyes
There are no thoughts of me at all
I know that he only wants to be free

All truly wild things should be free
Nature should not be made to lie still
Even man who claims dominion over all
Says that you should release what you love
“I won’t return” is written in his eyes
So I bind him in the chains of my heart

It’s jealous, my heart, a harpy’s heart
And before I’d let him go free
I’d sooner pluck out his beautiful eyes
End his life, and when he lies still
Unto his prone form I’d coo my love
For he shall have me or none at all

A simple wish, that is all
For him to never betray my heart
Nor to forsake my mad love
The cost of such loyalty is not free
I would make the world stand still
Just to always look into his eyes

For when he looks at me with his dark eyes
All things are him, and he is all
Any moving things fall deathly still
I hear the beating of my own heart
A caged animal aching to be free
We are the same, me and my love

Into each other’s eyes, inside each other’s hearts
There’s no boundaries at all, yet we’ll never be free
And when we both lie still, odes will be sung to our love

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