She works hard for the money

Most women are emotional creatures. They cannot even hug a man without getting all choked up. If a guy calls back after a date, they start picking out his and her bath towels. If he's there when they wake up in the morning, they start picking out wedding invitations. It's enough to make a person sick. What most people fail to see is that sex is merely a biological function. It should not be used as an emotional battleaxe. Nor should it be used as a moral divider. So why can't hookers get a break?

If you're good at something, you should do it, just as long as it doesn't hurt anybody else. So if a woman can sleep with strangers and not feel any sort of emotional qualms, then why not get paid for it. The only difference between a hooker and a slut is a fee. Whereas a slut will bang for the gang and stoop for the troops without asking for anything, a prostitute makes damn sure her efforts are worth her while. She gets paid, and spends her money as she sees fit. Or as her pimp does. Having sex with a bunch of men is no easy task. Like Jasmin St.Claire said after screwing 300 men in one day, it hurts. Like being packed with ice, she said. Any woman who can stand to do that much screwing around deserves each and every penny.

"It's not safe!" Of course not. Because it's illegal for one thing, and another reason is that any time you're doing a job that involves being alone with other human beings, you run a safety risk. The diseases also play a huge factor as far as danger itself is concerned. You've got hookers walking around out there who are so infested, their cootchies are practically bubbling and fizzing like coke for crying out loud. It's nauseating to even think about it. Ugg. These walking health hazards should be quarantined and put out of business. But because our family-safe government doesn't want to even *think* about people having sex, let alone paying for it, there are no laws or restrictions on what should be considered acceptable.

I would suggest that the government create some safehouses or bordellos, if you will, where prostitutes can live, eat, and book their clients from there. Such a safehouse would offer a bit of protection from deranged women-killing psychopaths, pimps, and there could also be a doctor on staff all the time to monitor their conditions and make sure they can meet the health restrictions. The women could set their own hours and fees, but would have to pay for room, board, and medical care, hence adding some sort of stability to such a uncertain career choice. The women who don't want to work there could live on their own, provided they come back for check-ups, you know, some sort of membership service. If a woman was caught turning tricks without meeting the health conditions, she would then be prosecuted. It wouldn't completely solve the problem, but it would be a good step towards helping.

"You're still gonna have the ones who stand on the corner and break the rules!" Of course. That's what the cops are for. Plus I seriously doubt most guys would go to some toothless aids infested skank who will probably rob them (stealing those good kidneys! Ha!) when they can have a clean decent looking lady instead. I honestly think the system would work. I know it'd be better than what's going on now. I swear, I saw so many streetwalkers in Georgetown and New Orleans, I thought there was a convention or something. Maybe they could do the Million Ho March. Just an idea.

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