Ode to the Litter Box

I am not a poet, but I do write poems for class, when I have to. This one isn't meant to be taken seriously. At all.

How is it that such a simple thing
May possess such an imposing presence
At its best, a sand filled tub
Tan and gray grains reaching out
Touching the plastic borders with grim finality
Awaiting a fate worse than death
At its worst, an odorous no manís land
Through which the bravest of paws fear to tread
Hastening to pay their tributes
On the adjacent rug instead
Wars have been fought over this bit of land
Accusations of responsibility hurled freely
The foul stench of defeat fills the air
As the fallen are removed
Taken away to a better place
While the dust settles
Eager amber eyes await their chance
To claim the battle scarred box for their own

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