Some Ol' Bullshit Precious: Blank Verse in (mostly) Iambic Pentameter

I figured I should do the girly thing and try to write at least one sappy love poem. I am not a poet, but I do write poems for class, when I have to.

He gave to me a rose as red as blood
And took from me a heart as cold as ice
Iíve never loved someone as much as he
I pray I never love that way again

For we were like two pieces of a whole
Where he fell short I would extend my reach
There was no goal that we could not attain
A love like ours could burn the world to ash

Time is a beast that eats all in her path
Her greed for youth will leave no one unclaimed
She stole him from my arms with no delay
So now I wait to join him in her void

If you should search the world from end to end
You would not find a pair like he and I
We forged a precious bond within our hearts
A diamond to outlast the sands of time

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