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The other day I was looking at My Yahoo page for movie showtimes so that I could escape my hellhouse for a bit, and I was presented with several headlines about the same thing. Apparently some young man had decided that too much time had passed since the last mass-media frenzy school shooting, and made an effort to alleviate that situation. "Rampage at School -- Two Students Slain," "15 Year Old Kills Two In School Shooting Spree," and "When Children Kill."

Upon visiting one of the message boards that I occasionally post at, I was also confronted with comments on this "tragedy." Of course I simply had to respond.

"In a California high school, yet another youth shot up his school. A young man reported that the killer smiled as he opened fire on his classmates."

Smile, you're on candid camera...

"A friend of the gunman has said that his friend had been talking/joking about shooting everyone at school. And he did nothing."

Shit, I guess I'd better stop joking about shooting up my school or they'll arrest me.

In the aftermath (if you can call it that) of what has been hailed as "this nation's latest high school blood bath", the question that keeps going through my mind is, what the fuck is the big deal?! Why are they blowing it out of proportion like this? Two people died. Thirteen injured. Whoopdeshit! Allow me to spill some knowledge to you all: Mass quantities of people die every fucking day. Do they make headlines? No. Okay, so it's different because it's School Violence. Newsflash: Who the fuck said schools were safe? Are you bullshitting me? They aren't safe because too many parents would rather play make-believe that their child's school is an eternally harmless place then take any actual measures to make it one. And the sad thing is that a kid is way more likely to get killed in his own home by his own damn parent, then by the scrawny kid who gets laughed at in gym class.

I am so sick and tired of catching the heat on things like this. With the Colombine shooting in particular, my friends and I recieved a notoreity uncommon at my school. All I need are more teachers staring at me funny, and watching me for signs of aggression. Don't make me laugh.

So the press needs scapegoats. Picking on Manson is so passe, besides, the boy was a skater, not an industrial. Whole new genre of music there. Since Manson, ICP, or Eminem could not be factored into this particular equation, you'd think maybe they'd place some of the responsibility where it belonged: on the parents. Instead, what do they do? Blame the boy's friends because they supposedly knew, and yet told no one. They claim to have thought he was only joking. Now, call me cruel, but I assure you, if I knew someone was going to shoot up the school, guess what? I'm not telling anybody a goddamn thing. I don't think I should have to. That's not my job. And don't tell me about being a Good Samaritan. If a kid has been pissed off by his peers to the point where he wants to take their lives and throw away his own, then I'd say perhaps they need lessons on being a Good Samaritan far more than I do.

Police claim that they don't know the reason for the boy's angry actions, and that he felt no remorse. Well, la de fucking da, he's already told them many times why he did it. He was tired of being picked on and teased. Plus repeatedly stealing anybody's skateboard will put a damper on their spirits. Is it so hard for them to believe that there was no deeper reason? No violent music, TV, or websites? Here's your reason Coppers: When you make some people very mad, they cannot just cope with it the way others can. They lash out, and woe betide the people who cross upon their infuriated wrath.

All I can say, is that you'd think people would learn to stop fucking with the quiet weird ones, as they're usually the ones who'll remember. I should know, I was one, until I just became downright scary that is. If parents would get their kids to stop being assholes to everyone else, then maybe it would stop. I don't side with the bullies, or the bullied. In this case, they are both guilty of high levels of stupidity. Maybe they just didn't know any better. I don't feel particularly moved by either side of the issue though. I'd most certainly say the fact that I and the people I'm friends with would've been voted Most Likely to Pull a Colombine had there been that category, has some part in that. Oh and no, I have not been bullied. I've done my fair share of it actually, except I was the weird one picking on the ones who were supposed to be the bullies. Yes, I beat the shit out of the kid trying to steal your little sister's lunch money behind the gym. I'm retired now. There's my Good Samaritan deed for you.

Oh yes, and the gun control issue is pure bullshit. I will tell you this, if I wanted to kill somebody, I'd do it whether I had to use a gun, a grapefruit spoon or my bare hands. Guns don't motivate you to kill, they merely make the job easier. Yet, if you want to get the job done, you're going to do it, easy or not. Taking away the guns is not going to stop people from killing, because when you have crossed the threshold of deciding that you are indeed going to kill somebody and not just pissing around, nothing is going to click in your mind that says "Oh damn, I can't find a gun. I guess I won't do it then." You just move on to the next thing. Flamethrower, perhaps?

And I don't advocate murdering of your peers, but I'm a firm believer in the theory that shit happens, so for crying out loud, C.Y.A.* It's a crazy world filled with lots of crazy people, and when the media glorifies events like this, they only make it worse. How about we blame the goddamn reporters already.

Take these shootings for what they are. A warning to all you bullies out there. Watch who you fuck with. They're not always quiet because they're scared. They're quiet because they're thinking. About how to make you scream like a little girl for all the things you've done to them most likely. Fuck a shooting. Let me know when someone terrorizes their peers with cattle tasers and vegetable peelers. That would be something.

*It stands for Cover Your Ass. How the hell could you not know that? Sheesh.

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