Mighty mighty Dreamworks

It's so hard these days to be original. What with everyone trying to be like The Matrix, and Disney stealing from old anime shows, I was glad to see something new for once.

I enjoyed Shrek. Although after fifteen minutes I wanted to shoot and grill the donkey, smash the prince into a pulp, and devour the Gingerbread man, I'll have to give them credit. They kept me amused for an hour and twenty minutes. The visuals were stunning, as usual with Dreamworks. These people brought us The Haunting (which sucked ass but had an incredible set), Prince of Egypt (the best cartoon I have *ever* seen), What Lies Beneath (excellent), and of course Gladiator (do I even need to elaborate?). So it's only natural that their summer cartoon would make Disney's look like the plaigerized flop that it was.

The storyline centers around a lewd orge who find his nice empty swamp suddenly overpopulated when the prince fills it full of fairytale creatures. He makes a deal with the prince to bring him a princess, and he'll get his swamp back. So Shrek and the donkey set out to rescue Fiona, who turns out to be a bit of a handful. Predictably, she and the ogre fall for each other, which complicates things a bit. More so when it's discovered that Princess Fiona turns into an ogress every night at sunset. She'll continue to change back and forth until she is given a kiss by her true love. She can't bring herself to tell Shrek, and he hands her over to the prince, heartbroken. The donkey goes after him and tells him to pursue Fiona. So they crash the wedding, she changes into an ogress, the prince is highly disgusted and orders them killed. A dragon who happens to be the donkey's girlfriend (don't ask), pops through the window and eats him. Then Shrek tells Fiona he loves her, they kiss, and she turns into an ogress permanently. It's cheesy, it's corny, it's happily ever after.

It's worth it though, to see the mockery they did of Robin Hood and his merry men. Not to mention seeing Cinderella bitch slap Snow White, and a nice dating game parody. That cartoon wasn't exactly marketed toward children, if you know what I mean.

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