Denziens of the Dark

This is about spiders, naturally. I am not a poet, but I do write poems for class, when I have to.

I have seen true evil, my friends, just last night
No other creature neither real nor imagined
Can compete with the foul monsters of which I speak
A beast so cruel, even Medusa would not meet its gaze
They lurk in dark places hidden in plain sight
Weaving beautiful nests to conceal their ugliness
They lie in wait for unsuspecting passerby
Sometimes boldly appearing to invoke horror
Eight spires of terror with which to reach you
Multifaceted eyes reflecting the splintered soul within
Poisonous fangs ready to puncture soft tissue
Elaborate patterns and colors for the most dangerous
Their swiftness is rivaled only by their cunning
For every one you destroy, a hundred more evade you
An army so wicked they fight on the land, air, and sea
In this war of nerves, I mean to take no prisoners

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