This is an original fan fiction (oxymoron), inspired by quite a few things, including The Crush, Cruel Intentions and American Beauty. Hopefully it wont be too clich. Its a Riku + Sora, Squall + Sora love triangle type thing. This is the most popular fanfic I've ever written, and I'm still shocked that I got so many reviews. O_o This symbol denotes content of a mildly sexual manner, and this symbol denotes content of an explicit sexual manner.

Title: Change My Stripes
Main Characters: Sora, Riku, Squall, Tidus, Wakka, Kairi
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Angst
Rating: Mostly R, but NC17 in some chapters.
Disclaimer: I do not own Kingdom Hearts. I own my skin, my clothes, and about $40 of spending cash.
Warning: Beware of yaoi, profanity, drug use, blood, violence, sex with a minor, nonconsensual sex, character death, OOC-ness, etc and many other reasons why my parents will never see this story. Never.

Chapter 1: Study Hard
Chapter 2: An Unexpected Visitor
Chapter 3: Manic Monday
Chapter 4: Lunchtime
Chapter 5: After School
Chapter 6: Fireflies & Frustration
Chapter 7: Friends
Chapter 8: Come Away
Chapter 9: Peace Offering
Chapter 10: Saturday Afternoon
Chapter 11: Saturday Evening
Chapter 12: Emotional Rollercoaster
Chapter 13: Jealousy
Chapter 14: Calm Before the Storm
Chapter 15: Things Fall Apart
Chapter 16: Stolen Comforts
Chapter 17: The Aftermath
Chapter 18: Secrets & Lies
Chapter 19: Picking Up the Pieces

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