Squall jerked awake, his heart racing. What the fuck was that noise? Hesitantly, he sat up and reached for the lamp. Light flooded the room, hurting his eyes, and he blinked. He looked around for a few moments, confused. I could’ve sworn I heard something. Whatever it was, it woke me up. But there’s nothing now… He was getting ready to lie back down, when he heard a loud pounding on his door. He glanced at his alarm clock. What could anyone want with me at one-thirty in the morning? Irritated, he flipped back the covers and put his legs over the edge of the bed. That’d better not be Cloud Strife, drunk off his ass and forgetting that he doesn’t live here anymore. If it is, I swear I’ll kill him. Grumbling, Squall stood up and stretched. He walked out of his bedroom, and made his way down the hall, wondering if Cloud would press charges on him. I could always tell the cops he’s a burglar, and act like I don’t know him. Sighing with disgust, Squall flipped on the light switch, wanting to get a real good look at just how drunk his former roommate was before he beat him without mercy. “Alright Strife, what the fuck is your problem-” he started, opening the door. The rest of his words died in his throat as he saw who was standing there.

Sora looked up at him, an expression of utter desolation in his eyes. Squall took everything in with a sense of dawning fear. His face was streaked with tears and dirt, his normally unruly hair was disheveled beyond comprehension, and his clothes were filthy. Oh my God, is that blood?! A jealous and protective rage rose up within Squall, drowning out the fear. Where could he have been, at this hour? Faintly, he remembered excited whisperings of a big party that was supposed to happen tonight. But that was way out in the suburbs… Could someone at the party have gotten drunk and attacked Sora? The very thought made Squall ill. “Sora… What the hell happened?” When Sora did not respond, he took him roughly by the shoulders and began to shake him. “What happened to you? Who did this?!” He was aware that he was starting to yell, and that it would draw attention, but he was helpless to stop, so great was his anger that someone would ever hurt Sora in any way. This world does not deserve someone like him.

Sora blinked, seeming to come out of his trance. Haltingly, he raised a hand and placed it on Squall’s arm. “I’m okay. Nobody did anything to me. Really.”

Squall peered at him, scrutinizing. That’s impossible… “But you’re a mess, and there’s blood-”

“Squall, can I come in?” Sora interrupted. “Please? Can I just come in first?” Tears began to form in the corners of his eyes. “I’ll tell you everything, I promise, but first, I just need to have a moment.”

Quickly Squall nodded, and stepped aside, letting Sora enter his apartment. The sigh of relief that Sora let out filled Squall with dread. It has to be serious, whatever it is. He came all the way out here to see me… Especially after what happened the last time he was here… Get off it, Leonhart, he’s probably forgotten all about that, even if you haven’t. Besides he needs help right now. His mind made up, he closed and locked his door. Upon turning around, he was stunned to feel a weight suddenly pressing him back against the door. Confused, he looked down to see Sora hugging him tightly. “Sora?” he began, worried. Maybe I should call the police.

Sora clutched him tighter and sobbed into Squall’s chest, his words muffled. “I’m sorry… It’s just… a very bad night… and I… need…”

“Shh…” Squall whispered, and wrapped his arms around him. “It’s okay. Just cry it out. Whatever it is, cry it out. You’ll feel better once you do.” Absently, he remembered people saying that to him after Rinoa’s death. Crying hadn’t made him feel better at all. It had made him feel empty, because once he’d cried it all out, he had nothing at all. His sorrow was the only thing he’d had left from Rinoa, and it was gone now. The absence of pain was somehow worse than the pain itself. That was different, I doubt if Sora’s problem is the same as mine. Unless, maybe something happened to Riku? Squall involuntarily stiffened at the idea. He had no love for the kid, that was true, but he didn’t want him dead. Still, a sliver of jealousy pricked him uncomfortably at the thought of Riku. Get off it, Leonhart, he told himself again and meant it. Gently, he stroked Sora’s back for several minutes, listening as his sobs gradually quieted. “It’ll be alright, everything will be alright.” Another falsehood from his past. Everything was not alright, it would never be alright. Okay, let’s stop being so goddamn nihilistic for just one night!

Sora nuzzled into Squall’s chest, feeling comforted with his warmth. Just being near him was already making him feel better. I’m glad I came here. He turned his head to the side and sighed deeply, his tears under control now. Shyly, he lifted his head and offered a tiny smile. “I’m sorry I soaked your shirt.”

Squall felt as if a weight had been lifted off his heart. He smiled back. “Don’t worry about it. I was getting ready to go to a wet t-shirt contest right after this, anyway.” The comment earned him a laugh, and Squall smiled again. He can still laugh, maybe he’s not too bad off then. Relieved, he hugged Sora. “Feel better now?”

Sora nodded, and hugged him back. “Yeah. I’m pretty thirsty, though. Do you have anything to drink?” He was beginning to feel how all the yelling he’d done at Riku had damaged his throat. Riku… He felt a momentary pang of guilt at leaving Riku back at the party, but ignored it.

“Well yeah, but I’m going to have to see some ID first.” Squall teased. I still can’t believe I’m in love with someone too young to drink alcohol… Wait a minute, in love?!

Sora poked his chest playfully. “Not like that. I meant some soda, or something like that.”

Squall poked him back. “Yes, I have soda. But I’ve got something better. It’ll settle your nerves, whereas soda would just have you bouncing off the walls.”

Sora rolled his eyes. “I’m not a little kid.” he protested, his hands slipping down to rest around Squall’s waist.

Whoa! Okay, I know that, and you know that, but still… Squall waved his hand. “Yeah, yeah. Whatever. I’ll tell you what, why don’t you go take a shower, and I’ll scratch up something to eat and drink.”

“Shower?” Sora asked, tilting his head to the side. I don’t really want to move from this spot. He had never felt so safe in his entire life as he did now, with Squall close to him. Being here made everything that had happened tonight seem like nothing more than a distant memory.

Squall tried not to think about how adorable he looked when he did that, and instead focused on the task at hand. Forgive him, for he knows not what he does. “Yes, a shower. I know you didn’t think I was going to let you sit your grimy ass on my leather couch, did you? You must be on crack.”

Sora glared at him, and tried not to laugh, still not letting go of his waist. This man is terrible. “What a messed up thing to say. You’re very rude, Leonhart.”

“I’m as rude as Jude.” Squall agreed amicably.

“What?” Sora asked, inclining his head again.

“Forget it. It’s from before your time.” Like I am. Squall gently disengaged Sora’s arms from around his waist and gave him a light push in the direction of the bathroom. “Move it. You’re just trying to distract me so you can soil my couch. I’m on to you, buddy.” A flicker of hurt passed over Sora’s face, so fast Squall could’ve sworn it was never there.

Sora recovered from his pain at being pushed away, stuck out his tongue and turned towards the bathroom. “Yeah, you completely figured me out.”

I could never figure you out, Sora. I can’t even figure myself out. Squall sighed and went into the kitchen. Rummaging through the cabinets for a can of stew, he considered his initial thought that he was in love with Sora. How did it happen? In the beginning, he’d just thought Sora was a bright and considerate student, a rarity among modern youths. But somewhere along the line, the platonic admiration he’d had for Sora had transformed into simple physical attraction, and from there into something far more dangerous. When he’d opened the door and seen Sora standing there looking like the victim of some dreadful crime, he’d felt as though he was losing his mind. Sora was the only one who could make him laugh the way he used to, he was the only one whose company he enjoyed, he was the only one Squall looked forward to seeing every day. The thought that Sora would be broken by the world was unbearable. He’d do anything to protect Sora, and it filled him with pain to think that he was with Riku and… Not with me… “Damn, I do love him.” Squall murmured to himself.

In the bathroom, Sora undressed quickly. Looking through the cabinets he found several unopened bars of soap, razors, toothpaste, and various bottles of sleeping pills. Concerned, he lifted one and read the label. Why does he need sleeping pills? He considered asking Squall about them, but decided not to. He might get mad at me for prying. Looking at the shelf, he found a few folded towels and browsed through them. I wonder which towel Squall uses. Gah, he probably uses all of them, he’s the only one here. “Sora, you idiot.” he muttered. So that means, I’m going to be using the same towel that Squall uses?! His face heated, and he shook his head, feeling very silly. Don’t be stupid! They’re clean, it’s not like he puts them back on the shelf right after he uses them… An image of Squall drying himself with one of the fluffy black towels popped into his head, uncensored, unexpected, and completely uncalled for. Eep! Blushing furiously, Sora snatched a bar of soap from it’s wrapper and climbed into the tub.

Squall stirred the can of soup, wondering what could’ve happened to make Sora run to him, instead of going home. Somebody had to have done something to him… or maybe he saw something he wasn’t supposed to see? Squall was well aware of Riku’s incredible promiscuity, and had told himself on several occasions that it was the real reason he disapproved of his relationship with Sora. Yet, even if Sora had just been treated to a peek show of his boyfriend being unfaithful, that still didn’t account for his appearance, not to mention, the blood… Maybe one of Riku’s jealous lovers attacked him? Still kind of far-fetched, considering that Sora didn’t appear to have any bruises or cuts on him. Then whose blood is it? Squall heard a crackling sound and realized belatedly that he was well on his way to boiling half of the soup right out of the pot. “Shit!” The stovetop hissed indignantly and sent forth a foul smell to punish him soundly for his transgression. Turning on the stove vent, he quickly removed the pot from the fire, figuring that if it was hot enough to boil over, it was probably done. With an air of shame, he spooned the hot stew into two bowls to cool. How embarrassing.

Sora lathered his hair and rinsed off, finishing up his shower. The hot water felt good on his skin, and he was again glad that he had decided to come here. He was indeed hungry now, and he knew that once he had eaten, he’d be able to tell Squall what’d happened. Maybe by tomorrow he’d even feel up to talking to his mom, or Riku. Tomorrow… Sora was suddenly aware that he had no intentions of going home tonight. Mom and Kairi are probably asleep by now… Unless the police stopped by my house, he realized with a sinking feeling. In that case, I definitely don’t want to go home, although I probably should. Squall will never let me stay anyway. I mean, where would I even sleep? Another uncalled for image, that of himself in Squall’s bed, with Squall, barged into his helpless mind. His face grew unbearably hot and he cut off the water, completely mortified. Geez, I’m turning into a real pervert here. Shaking his head, he pulled back the curtains and stepped out, reaching for his towel. As he dried himself, his eyes fell on his crumpled pile of clothes and he frowned. There was no point in taking a shower if you were going to put your dirty clothes right back on. But I don’t have anything else to wear… He gulped as he realized he was going to have to ask Squall for clothes. How embarrassing.

Squall stirred the chai tea, adding milk and sugar. He considered adding some liquor, but thought better of it. He had no desire to have a drunken Sora on his hands. Why not? That could be fun. “Quiet, you.” he muttered.

“Um, Squall?” spoke Sora.

Squall turned around, completely unprepared for the sight that greeted him. Sora stood a few feet away from him, completely naked except for the black towel tied around his hips. Smooth golden skin spread over slight muscles was all he could see. Squall took in an eyeful before he realized that he was staring and looked violently away. Intently, he studied the cups of tea, but the damage was already done. His mind was racing, indecent thoughts frolicking in every corner of his brain. “Can I help you with something?” he ground out, trying not to look at him again.

Sora shifted and laughed embarrassedly. “Yeah. I don’t have any clothes.”

“I can see that.” Squall remarked carefully. “I guess it must’ve slipped my mind to give you some.” Yeah, I’ll give him some, alright. “I’ll go and grab something out of my room.” Averting his eyes, he eased out of the kitchen and went gingerly around Sora without looking at him. Much to his horror, he heard soft footsteps and realized Sora was following him. “What are you doing?”

“Going with you. I’ve never seen your bedroom before.” Sora answered. The initial shyness he’d felt at approaching Squall in his current state of undress had been replaced by a sort of teasing exhilaration. During the few moments when Squall had looked at him, he’d felt a change coming over his body as his skin seemed to heat up. I want him to look at me like that again, he thought. Sora knew he was blushing, and he was thankful that Squall hadn’t turned around or he might lose his nerve.

Fearing for his sanity, Squall entered his bedroom and headed immediately to his dresser. If I don’t look at him, I’ll be alright. He fished through a drawer and came up with an oversized t-shirt. Better get one for myself while I’m at it. Setting the shirts down, he opened another drawer and took out a pair of boxers he never wore. I feel so morbid, giving him these, but hell, I can’t have him running around bare-assed. The thought sent warmth throughout his lower body and he sighed in exasperation. “Well, here’s a shirt and some… shorts. They’ll do, I suppose.” Still refusing to look at Sora, he stood and brushed past him, depositing the clothes in his hands as he went.

Damn! Disappointed at this turn of events, Sora stalled. “What’s that other shirt for?” It’s almost like he’s deliberately avoiding me.

“It’s for me.” Squall answered, without turning around. “You soaked the one I’m wearing, remember?” His heart was beating faster than he thought was physically healthy. The lingering scent of soap was captivating his senses, and his hands itched to find out if that skin was as soft as it had looked. Just look at him at least, you might not ever get a chance like this again. Feeling every bit the masochist, Squall turned and stared at Sora for a long moment. His eyes roamed over every inch of him, memorizing each detail, cataloguing them for future reference. His vision was flooded with the sight of pink nipples sitting boldly against the beginnings of what would probably someday be well defined chest muscles. Pulse racing, he even dared to let his eyes drop, noting the way the towel clung to Sora’s hips and the slight curves of the muscles on his stomach that were visible above the towel. Heaven help me if that towel falls down. With Herculean effort, he wrenched his eyes away, and took forced steps down the hallway.

Sora watched him, his stomach tingling. It had all happened in the space of a few seconds, but it felt much longer. The heat in Squall’s eyes had sent tremors all through his body and he suddenly wanted to be touched more than anything. He had to bite his tongue to keep from crying out in protest when Squall had walked away, not wanting to get kicked out. Well, I got him to look at me, anyway. After closing the door, he dressed quickly. The white boxers were crisp, and he decided that Squall must not wear them much. The shirt on the other hand, was extremely comfortable, the soft gray fabric rubbing invitingly against his skin. He must wear this a lot. The thought of wearing something Squall had worn made him blush again. Geez, I feel like such a girl. This crush is getting way out of hand. Mentally composing himself, he opened the door and walked quietly down the hallway. When he reached the living room, his jaw dropped.

Squall was in the midst of changing, his back to Sora. Helplessly he watched as Squall picked up the fresh shirt and fitted it over his head, back muscles flexing as he twisted, fitting his arms through the sleeves. Arching slightly, Squall pulled it down over his torso, and smoothed out the fabric with his hands. This is no ordinary crush. I’ve never been so awestruck in my life. An overwhelming desire to see what Squall looked like with the rest of his clothes off came over him, and Sora let out a small yelp before he could stop it.

Immediately, Squall turned, looking over his shoulder in a way that made Sora want to melt into a puddle. “You dress pretty quickly.”

“Yeah.” was all Sora could manage. Trying not to look as though he was drooling, his gaze fell on the bowls and cups sitting on the coffee table, and he remembered again why he was there in the first place. It all seems like it happened so long ago. I’m not even upset about it anymore. He knew that feeling would probably end as soon as he left Squall’s apartment, and more than ever, he didn’t want to go. “That’s the food, right?”

“No, I just leave full dishes on my table for decoration.” Squall answered with complete seriousness, knowing the comment would earn him a dirty look from Sora. It did.

“Yeah, yeah. Ask a stupid question, I know.” Sora muttered, walking around to the front of the couch. He sat down, his body practically sighing with relief. The cushions seemed to mold around him, and he felt completely at ease, as he picked up a bowl and peered into it. “Is this soup?”

“More or less.” Squall answered, taking a seat beside him. He ignored his own bowl, deciding to let Sora find out if the soup tasted charred or not. He picked up his cup instead and took a sip of his tea. Casually, he watched Sora, glancing over the rim of his cup.

Sora dipped his spoon into the soup, and raised it to his lips, taking a tentative lick.

At the sight of the pink tongue gingerly lapping at the spoon, Squall felt a chill go through him, and he swallowed his tea wrong. He turned to the side and coughed, his throat itching madly. Serves me right for being a pervert.

Sora looked up in alarm, the spoon still in his hand. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine. My drink went down the wrong pipe, that’s all.” Composing himself, he leaned back into the sofa and took another sip. He didn’t look at Sora again.

“What are you drinking, anyway?” Sora asked, taking another spoonful of soup. It’s good, but then everything tastes better when you’re hungry… or when it’s made by someone that you really like. Shyly, he watched Squall drink, wondering just when his crush had become so serious.

“The same thing that’s in your cup.” Squall answered. Although I’d rather have something stronger. “Why don’t you try it? And how’s the soup?”

Sora continued to eat, his stomach settling with appreciation. “It’s pretty good.” He peered at the contents of his cup and frowned. “What is that? It looks like coffee.”

“It’s not coffee. It’s chai tea.” explained Squall patiently. He picked up his own bowl and began to eat his soup. Ick… I wouldn’t call this stuff good, but then, I’m not starving like Sora probably is.

Not feeling entirely convinced, Sora put the soup to the side and took a drink of his tea. What a strange taste… but then it’s not really bad. Just weird. He instantly loved it. “What’d you say this stuff was called again?”

“Chai tea.” Squall repeated, forcing his soup down. “It’s good, and it’ll calm your nerves.”

“I feel pretty calm, already.” Sora said quietly. He held the cup in both hands and looked down into it as he spoke. “It’s almost like it all happened to somebody else.”

Squall felt a momentary pang of panic. Please don’t let him break down now. Without thinking, he placed an arm around Sora’s shoulders, and gave him a friendly squeeze. “Are you sure you’re feeling up to talking about it?”

Sora looked up at him gratefully for a moment, before nodding and returning his gaze to the contents of his cup. “Yeah. It’s all going to come out anyway, and I’d rather tell you first. Maybe then I’ll be better prepared to tell mom about it.”

Squall ignored the way his heartbeat seemed to have sped up, and forced himself to stay calm, despite the sense of foreboding Sora’s words were giving him. What is it, that he has to tell his mother? “Sora, I just have to know one thing first.”

Sora looked up again, his blue eyes unreadable. “What?”

“Did anyone, you know, do anything… to you?” Squall asked, his words clipped. I’m afraid I might kill them if they did.

Sora looked at him in confusion before shaking his head. “No, I told you, I’m fine. But…” He stared down into the cup again. It’s warmth was almost as comforting to him as the warmth of Squall’s arm around him, and he felt that he could tell it now. Taking a deep breath, he began.

Sora told Squall everything, starting with how Riku had been acting weird, and missing classes. He explained how Jake had factored into it, monopolizing Riku’s life completely. He left out his own jealous outburst, feeling embarrassed at what Squall might think. It became harder for him to speak as he reached the part about the homecoming party. Still, he gathered his nerve and forced himself to continue, telling Squall about Jake’s behavior at the party, and why they were all upstairs. He described the way Jake had gotten enraged and pulled the gun on them, before shooting himself. Finally, he told how he’d fled the party, and ran downtown, his voice barely above a whisper.

Miraculously, Sora managed to keep back the tears that threatened, but he had yet to look up. He was terrified of the expression that Squall might have on his face. He knew he was lucky to not be more distraught, but he felt that all of that would change if Squall looked at him a certain way. He could bear it, Jake’s suicide, the sudden change in Riku, and even his own role in the tragedy, as long as Squall didn’t think any less of him. If he does, I can’t take it. I’ll just break down. Fearfully, he waited, until he felt a hand cup his chin and tilt his head gently upwards.

Squall looked at Sora with an undecipherable expression on his calm face. Without speaking, he drew Sora to him, and enfolded him in a comforting hug. His mind was filled to the brim with thoughts, but on top of it all was the simple relief that Sora himself was okay. He knew it was selfish, but at this point, he didn’t care. As much as I’ve lost, I think I have the right to be a little selfish sometimes. Still, he was pained that Sora had experienced something this traumatic so early in life. All things considered, he was holding up pretty well, and almost certainly wouldn’t need any counseling like the other kids might. Squall didn’t want to think of how the incident would impact the entire school, with Jake Addison being so well-known. He was the most popular student in the school… next to Riku… Squall’s deep dislike of Riku increased tenfold. He knew he couldn’t blame him entirely for what had happened to Jake. The overly critical, self-destructive nature was probably in Jake since early on. It was a fact of life that the higher you climbed, the more likely you were to fall. Still, Riku certainly gave him a nice shove. Squall sighed and rested his chin on Sora’s head, wondering at the logic in such a world.

Sora let out the breath he didn’t realize he’d been holding as he relaxed into Squall’s embrace. He doesn’t hate me… He felt as though a shadow had passed, and now he knew that he could face his mom, Kairi, and even the police. Riku, though… Sora burrowed deeper into Squall’s arms, a fog of guilt settling around him heavily. I just can’t see him yet. I’m not ready. And I still don’t want to go home.

Squall tensed as Sora moved against him. This isn’t right, taking advantage of him like this. Still, he didn’t care. He knew he’d take any excuse to hold Sora. Suddenly he was aware of arms around him, and his heart did a flip flop. Lifting his head, he looked down.

Sora stared back at him, his eyes luminous. “Squall,” he said in a low voice. “Can I spend the night?”

The hell?! Squall felt an involuntary shudder go through him, and knew that Sora could probably feel it too. Who’s taking advantage of who, here? “What?” he tried, knowing that he must’ve heard Sora wrong.

Sora sighed deeply. “I want to spend the night. I can’t go home, just yet.” He laid his head against Squall’s chest, listening to the heartbeat. “I feel safe with you.”

With his hormones fighting him every step of the way, Squall gently removed Sora’s arms with more resistance than expected. He stood, ignoring the hurt look on Sora’s face. “What about your mother? Won’t she be worried?” Do you want me to lose my mind? “I mean, I don’t want you to get in trouble.” He offered, lamely.

Sora stood and placed his hand on Squall’s back, feeling the muscles tense beneath his fingertips. “I’m already in trouble. But I’m not ready to face it tonight.”

“Where are you planning to sleep?” Squall asked, without turning around. With a sinking feeling, he knew that he had already given in. I can deny him nothing. He sighed with resignation. Who’s taking advantage of who, he thought again.

“With you.” Sora answered immediately, and then blushed. “In your room, I mean. I don’t want to be alone.”

That’s it, then. Squall heard himself speaking, but the words didn’t quite register in his brain. “What is it that you’re afraid of?” This is too dangerous…He doesn’t know what he’s doing to me. I have to warn him.

“I don’t know.” Sora replied, with complete honesty. “Being alone, I think.”

Squall turned around and looked at Sora, his gray eyes unreadable. “Do you know what I’m afraid of?” You’ve sealed your fate, Leonhart.

Sora shook his head. “No. What are you afraid of?” He’s looking at me that way again, he realized with something like relief.

“This.” He gave in to his needs and pressed his lips to Sora’s. He kissed him unthinkingly, his tongue driven by pure need and raw sensuality. He felt Sora arch against him instinctively, and deepened his kiss, demanding utter submission.

Sora molded his body against Squall’s, the intensity of the kiss taking over his mind. Any surprise he’d felt was swallowed up by the rush of his blood. His pulse throbbed, attesting that he wanted this, needed this. His fingers curled into the hem of Squall’s shirt.

Squall pulled back for air, his eyes half-closed. He leaned down and nipped at Sora’s earlobe as he spoke. “I’m afraid that once I start this...” I won’t be satisfied until I’ve claimed him completely, and even then… “I won’t be able to stop.” he murmured, against Sora’s neck.

Sora shuddered at the feel of warm breath on his skin. “Then don’t.” he whispered, knowing what he was asking. I want Squall to be my first… Right on the heels of that, I think I even want him to be my last. He felt a slight twinge of guilt that he was betraying Riku, but he forced it from his mind. This has nothing to do with him.

“We’ve been dancing around this for too long.” Squall breathed, his hands roaming over Sora’s skin. “You know what I want?” Am I willing to risk everything for this? He trailed kisses along the side of Sora’s neck, reveling in the taste of his skin.

“Yes.” Sora yelped as Squall’s fingers brushed a sensitive spot on his back. He leaned into him harder, his own fingers kneading the hem of Squall’s shirt. He was dying to touch his bare skin, but his shyness held him back. His knees trembled slightly, and he felt himself being guided gently to the sofa. The kisses on his skin were setting him on fire, and he melted back onto the sofa, pulling Squall towards him. A shudder went through him as he felt hands on his hips and the comforting weight of Squall settling over him. “I’ve never done this before.” he whispered huskily.

What about with Riku? Squall wanted to ask, but squashed it quickly. Saying that would definitely be a bad idea. Sora might feel guilty and leave. But, maybe that’s what I should do. If this goes on, I’ll be feeling enough guilt for both of us. Instead, Squall eased his knee down, allowing it to come to rest between Sora’s legs. His thigh brushed against something firm, eliciting a whimper from Sora’s parted lips. Greedily, Squall swallowed the sound, his tongue artfully probing the soft recesses of Sora’s mouth.

Sora entwined his legs with Squall’s, whimpering again when he was inadvertently stroked. I know what he wants, because I want the same thing. This is what I want, he thought. I want him. He squirmed, unable to remain still, needing to feel Squall’s touch all over.

Squall’s own need rose in response to Sora’s soft sounds of pleasure. Firmly, he began to rub his thigh against Sora’s groin, feeling the hardness he’d caused. Something in his mind warned him to stop before it went too far. But it’s already gone too far, he thought as Sora cried out against his lips. With forced gentleness he raised Sora up fractionally and tugged his shirt loose, guiding it over his head, and freeing his arms.

Sora took a sharp breath as his bare back met with the cool leather of the sofa. His breath turned into a moan as fingers found his nipples, already hardened from the air. Lips returned momentarily to his neck, trailing down to his collarbone. The stroking of Squall’s thigh between his legs was building up to a wonderful friction and he ground his hips against him, wanting more. But I don’t think I can take anymore…

Squall drew his lips downwards, nuzzling against Sora’s chest, before finding a taut nipple. Sucking it between his lips, he nipped at it gently, while using a hand to tease the other one. This is too much. Sora moaned and writhed beneath him deliciously, and Squall knew that he would see this through to the end. Slowly, he moved his body down further, and flicked his tongue around Sora’s navel before delving into it briefly. I’ve worked him up so far, it wouldn’t be right to leave him hanging, he tried to rationalize. His mind immediately came back with a response. Whatever, Leonhart. Just admit it. You want him, plain and simple. Maybe more than you’ve ever wanted anything in your entire life. Almost trembling with desire, his free hand found the waistband of Sora’s boxers. In several quick movements, he had Sora’s throbbing shaft in his hand.

Sora’s breath hitched in his throat as he realized what Squall was about to do. The dull ache in the center of his stomach rose to a fever pitch and he strained against his hand, urging him on. Just do it, do something, do anything, I don’t care! “Please…” he breathed, desperation utterly saturating the word.

Squall paused ruefully for a moment, his hand idly stroking Sora’s erection. Well, this is it. I couldn’t walk away now, even if I wanted to. As he lowered his lips to its warmth, one last protest rose up in his mind. Don’t lie to yourself. You could stop, even now, if you wanted to, his conscience told him. But I don’t, he decided, and took Sora’s manhood into his mouth.

Instantly, Sora cried out and bucked his hips, the very core of his being transformed into molten lava. Delirious with pleasure, he arched back into the cushions, raising his hips. His fingers found the thick mane of Squall’s hair and buried themselves in its depths. Eyes shut, he undulated against the couch, alternately seeking Squall and retreating from him. Unbelievable.

Squall applied gentle suction while firmly rubbing his tongue against Sora’s shaft. His own erection was so pronounced it was almost painful, and he knew that he would definitely have to do something about it after he took care of Sora. If I can last that long. Working his fingers around the base of Sora’s manhood, he created a friction that earned him a noise of utter euphoria from Sora. His tongue swirled madly, seeming to mirror his own emotions. He pulled back, hearing Sora’s moan of protest, and then lowered his head again, taking him deeper.

Sora mewled and ground his hips upward, his fingers completely tangled in Squall’s tresses. The pressure within him was building, mounting at an alarming pace. I need to warn him… Instead, his hands pressed firmly against Squall’s hair, and his hips began to thrash of their own will. “Squall…” he whimpered, the only warning he could manage.

Squall seemed to understand, as he relaxed one palm against Sora’s hip, and took his entire length into his throat.

Yes… A feeling like nothing he’d ever experienced coursed through him. Never in his wildest imaginings had anything ever compared to this. “Squall!” Sora cried out, as a jolt shot through his entire form. The pressure inside of him suddenly broke, and he whimpered helplessly as thousands of nerve signals rushed through his body, causing his hips to buck uncontrollably while great waves of pleasure washed over him. He leaned his head back into the sofa, arching his body, his fingers spasmodically clutching strands of Squall’s hair.

Squall continued to pleasure Sora, incredibly aroused by the intensity of his release. He swallowed without a thought, his fingers still stroking gently. Tiny tremors went through Sora every few seconds, and he smiled inwardly.

Sora shuddered and swallowed, his mouth dry. “Sorry.”

Squall lifted his head somewhat reluctantly. “For what?” He continued to stroke Sora, loathe to let him go.

Sora shuddered again. “For… you know. So soon.” His eyes rolled back as he fully realized what Squall was still doing to him and his thoughts scattered for a moment. “I… I… Um…”

Squall smirked, and changed tempo with his hand. “It’s alright. You’ll recover faster than I would, anyway. You didn’t yank out too much of my hair, I hope?”

Sora threw his head back against the sofa, and whimpered as he felt himself grow hard again in Squall’s hand.

“I don’t think that qualifies as an answer.” Squall teased, planting a kiss on Sora’s hip.

Sora jerked, and his eyes closed. “Not again.” he moaned. “I don’t think I can take anymore.”

Squall licked along the curve of Sora’s hip, and nipped at it gently before speaking. “I think you can. If I can hold back this long, I know you can take it.” He sat up and pulled off his shirt in one fluid motion, dropping it on the floor. Shrugging out of his boxers, he deposited them on top of the shirt. He moved up and laid down beside Sora, pulling his body back against him. The feeling of Sora’s bare skin against his tugged strongly at his thinly held self-control. He resumed his stroking of Sora’s erection, reaching under him with his other hand to tease his nipples.

Sora mewled loudly and melted against him. “You’re too cruel.” he moaned. His blood was pulsing, his skin was on fire, his every muscle tensed and ready. He felt Squall’s hardness brush against him and moaned again, desire ruling his every thought. He gave himself over to Squall’s hand, his hips thrusting slowly.

Squall took in a sharp breath in spite of himself, hearing the way Sora mewled as he moved against him. Hell, I don’t even think I can take anymore. His hand was becoming slick with the fluids of Sora’s arousal, and his own lust had reached a dangerous ferocity. I want to be inside him. He ground himself against Sora and nipped at his earlobe to get his attention. “Sora?”

Sora made a noise and arched back against him, his hand reaching. It settled on Squall’s thigh, and gave it a squeeze.

Squall shuddered, and bit his tongue. He quickened the tempo of his fingers, stroking rapidly from base to tip. He licked roughly along the rim of Sora’s ear, his teeth tugging lightly at his lobe. “Don’t hold yourself back. Don’t even try.”

Sora whimpered in response and began to shake, his orgasm approaching. I couldn’t hold back even if I tried to. Squall’s manipulation of his body was too much for him to handle. With a low purr, Sora gave in and let it overtake him, his seed spilling out of him.

Squall’s own eyes almost closed when he heard Sora purr, and he caught himself, feeling the wetness flow over his fingers. With great difficulty, he stilled his movements and sat up.

Sora whined in protest until he looked over and saw what he was doing. He watched with widened eyes while Squall stroked himself with the same hand he’d used on him. His breath caught, as he realized what he was lubricating himself for. I don’t know if I can take that… but I want to. He sat up and leaned against Squall, his own hands closing over Squall’s.

Squall jerked involuntarily and looked at him. “What?”

“Nothing.” Sora breathed, his hands stroking in alternation to Squall’s own. “I just want to do this.”

Squall let go and leaned back, watching as Sora pumped him, settling into a rhythm. He lifted his hips, purring himself as he felt his body respond.

Sora looked up, his eyes glowing. “I thought I was the only one who purred.”

“You thought wrong.” Squall moaned. He didn’t think Sora’s inexperienced strokes would affect him so quickly, but they did. It’s because he affects me so much himself. “I’d give that a rest if I were you.”

“But you’re not.” Sora teased, his hands moving faster. He stared at Squall’s glistening erection, mesmerized. I wonder what he tastes like… It’s only fair. He glanced at Squall quickly, a mischievous look in his eyes.

“What are you-” Squall began. His words cut off as Sora lowered his head quickly and licked along the side of his shaft. The warmth and wetness of his tongue brushed firmly against the side of his manhood, adding an almost unbearable heat. His nails dug into the couch and all logical thought left his brain. He let out a shuddering moan and bucked his hips. Oh my… Reopening his eyes, he fixed Sora with a look of pure need. “If you’re going to be doing that, then I’m afraid I won’t be able to do the other thing.”

Sora closed his lips around the tip of Squall’s erection, considering. He really wanted to feel Squall inside of him, but still… He lapped roughly at Squall, hearing the sounds he’d caused. It was empowering. He lifted his head, and resumed stroking with his hands. “I do want you inside of me, but I also want to know what you taste like.”

Squall almost came when he heard him say that, but held himself back with great effort. Removing Sora’s hands, he relaxed back against the sofa, his heart pounding. I’ve created a monster. “You can do that, some other time.” But will there be another time? Squall didn’t know. He was living for this moment, this night alone. That was why he needed to claim Sora fully. Because I might not get another chance.

Sora leaned into Squall, nodding. “Alright then.” His fingers crept back to Squall’s lap.

Squall quickly intercepted them. “That’ll be quite enough of that.” Yep, he’s a monster. He lowered his hands to Sora’s hips, caressing. Immediately Sora cried out, and he smirked. He pulled Sora back onto his lap, willing himself to go slowly.

Sora gave himself over to Squall’s embrace, knowing that this was what he’d been waiting for. I never thought I could want anything so badly. He felt a hand reach around to stroke his manhood, as fingers gently probed at his entrance. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the powerful sensations. My body can’t take too much more of this.

“Just let me know when you’re ready.” Squall whispered against his neck, his voice strained. His own body was trembling with the force it took to go slowly. Every fiber of his being was screaming out for him to claim Sora now.

“I’m ready. I’ve been ready ever since the first time I saw you.” Sora moaned, gripping Squall’s thighs with his hands.

Squall paused, his erection at Sora’s entrance. Is it real? Or is he just caught in the heat of the moment? He hesitated, wondering at the nature of Sora’s confession. I already know that I feel more than lust for him, could it be that he feels the same about me?

Sora growled and leaned back against him heavily. “Squall…”

Squall’s thoughts fled as quickly as they had come and he gently guided himself into Sora, giving him time to adjust to him. His fingers continued to stroke his erection, alternating pleasure with the pain he was sure Sora must be experiencing. He is a virgin after all. Correction, was a virgin. A sudden exhilaration that he had claimed Sora came over him. When he felt Sora relax, he pulled his him down onto his shaft fully, his senses reeling as he was enveloped by the heat and tightness of Sora’s body.

Sora mewled as he felt himself being filled by Squall. His desire took over and he ground his hips back, wanting to feel all of it.

Squall purred deeply, and lapped along the side of Sora’s neck, trailing his lips down to his shoulder blades. He undulated his hips, moving against Sora, his hands roaming freely over his body, as he manipulated Sora’s erection in time to his thrusts. He knew that as worked up as they were, neither of them could last long. His suspicions were confirmed when he heard Sora whimper, and dig his nails into his thighs.

Sora ground himself desperately back against Squall, his eyes closed as his pleasure raced to a dizzying crescendo. He took in everything, the practiced stroking of Squall’s hand, the throbbing heat of his shaft, the silken feel of his body pressed against his, and the texture of his tongue against his skin like warm wet velvet. “Squall…” he murmured, completely at the mercy of his nerves.

“Sora…” Squall answered, his lips at the base of Sora’s neck. His fingers sped up, stroking Sora to completion. He felt his hips begin to strain as his own orgasm approached.

Sora arched against him, crying out desperately as he reached his peak for the third time. His entire body tensed and he undulated helplessly, feeling that this time was even more powerful than the others. It’s because he’s inside of me. He mewled, letting the shockwaves roll over him.

At the sound, Squall’s own release hit, hips bucking. He bit Sora’s shoulder to keep from crying out, clutching his body to him like a drowning man. Oh… It’s Heaven and Hell, all at once. The intensity of it took his breath away, and he found himself shuddering, and panting against Sora’s skin, his hips still jerking. He knew that if he lived to be a hundred, he’d never forget the feeling of being inside Sora, of making him come so completely, or of the taste of his blood against his lips after he’d bitten him in the height of his passion. Leaning back into the sofa, he pulled Sora with him, and wrapped his arms around his waist. “Sora, Sora, Sora…” he murmured against his skin, his pulse gradually slowing.

No, everything was definitely not alright.

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