Sora watched as the clock hands inched towards their goal. The last class of the day always dragged, but for once he didn’t mind. In the background, his Physics teacher droned on, and Sora blocked him out as usual, absently copying the notes off the board.

Beside him, Riku dozed peacefully on his own desk, his shining hair and long eyelashes making him look deceptively angelic.

No wonder he doesn’t learn anything in this class. Still, Sora was glad Riku’s mood seemed to have improved somewhat during the day. Wakka’s parting words at lunch were still fresh in his mind. Sora snuck a glance at his friend.

To his surprise, Riku had woken up and was watching him with an unreadable expression in his aquamarine eyes.

Sora flushed and resumed looking at the board.

Riku sighed and lifted his head, smoothing back his silver hair. He briefly glared at the teacher whose incessant rambling had made it difficult for him to sleep, before turning back to his friend. “It’s almost time, Sora.”

“Jeez, you make it sound like I’m going to the electric chair.” Sora replied, writing.

Riku laid his head back down. “You might as well be.” he mumbled into his arms.

Sora shook his head as he finished copying the notes. “I thought you were over that.”

Riku closed his eyes. “I am. That doesn’t mean I like it. I almost want Miss Hall back. Almost.”

Sora snickered and closed his notebook. “You don’t mean that.”

As if on cue, the last bell of the day rang. The students sprung from their seats, eager to escape from the confines of the school building.

Riku pushed back his chair and stood up. “Maybe, I do mean it.” he murmured. “Miss Hall does have her virtues.” A mischievous glint came into his eyes. “Although, Leonhart is far better to look at. Did you see the ass on that man?” He wolf-whistled to himself as he gathered his belongings.

“You’re terrible.” uttered Sora in exasperation, standing up. He slung his book bag up onto his shoulder and followed Riku out the door.

“But still, you know you love me.” Riku replied, once they reached their lockers. “As terrible as I am.”

Sora opened his locker and scoffed. “Nah. Tolerate maybe, but love, never.”

Riku shot him a glare. “Don’t even joke like that.”

Sora held up his hands in a gesture of peace. “Okay, sorry.” He turned back to his locker, putting away the books he wasn’t taking home. “I admit Riku, you do tend to sort of grow on me, like a bad rash.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment.” Riku responded, closing his own locker.

“Exactly as it was intended.” Sora assured him. Turning back to his locker, he found that he only needed his science text and notebook. “Well damn, the only homework I have left is for Physics. That’s lucky. At least I won’t be up all night once I get home from detention.”

“Oh yes, you will.” protested Riku. He crossed his arms and looked at Sora sternly. “Because you have to call me, and tell me exactly what happens.”

Sora rolled his eyes as he finally shut his locker. “That is going to be the most boring phone conversation in the history of the world.”

“Just the same,” insisted Riku. “You have to call me.”

Sora bent down and zipped his book bag. “Fine. I’ll call you and tell you exactly what happened.” Standing up, he absently brushed away a lock of hair from his face, as he leveled his gaze on his friend. “I will solemnly bore you with sordid details of how I erased the board, cleaned the desks and wrote ‘I will not be late’ one hundred times. If it will make you feel better, Riku.”

Riku smirked, the corners of his lips turning up ever so slightly. “Yes Sora, it would.” He raised an eyebrow mischievously. “You know what else would make me feel better?”

Sora felt the hairs on the back of his neck rise as he realized that Riku was looking at him in that way. Anxiously, his eyes darted around, quickly assessing that there were still a few other students roaming the hallway. Riku would never try anything funny with other people around. I think. He gulped and looked at his friend fearfully. “What?”

Riku grinned.

In the amount of time it took him to blink, Sora found himself trapped. The cold, hard locker pressed firmly to his back was a startling contrast to the warm, plaint form of his friend that he found now flush up against him. One of Riku’s hands was flat against the locker high up by his head. Sora however, was a bit more concerned about the other hand that was resting possessively on his hip. Whoa. “Um… Riku?” So much for what I thought.

Sighing, Riku lowered his face to his friend’s neck and breathed in deeply. Sora always smelled like honey and almonds. Yes… “This,” he purred. “This makes me feel better, Sora.”

Sora tried his voice. “Wha, what?” Okay, that didn’t come out too well, and… oh sweet mother of God, what is he doing!? The hand on his hip was lightly squeezing, sending cool tingles down his spine. Must… stop… him… “Ri, Riku?” Dammit…

Riku smiled to himself. You’re so cute when you’re flustered, Sora. I know this is kind of bold, but I’m losing patience, here. He brushed his lips across the side of Sora’s neck, enjoying the tickling sensation from the tiny hairs that grew on his warm skin.

“Hey! You kids better stop!” ordered an authoritative-sounding voice.

Riku jumped back from Sora and spun around. His heart was thumping in his chest so loudly, he was sure everyone could hear it. “The fuck?”

Sora slowly opened his eyes, not even aware of when he’d closed them. Good Lord…

“What do you kids think you’re doing?” inquired Tidus in the same tone of voice.

Riku clapped a hand to his forehead. “Oh my God…”

Sora couldn’t help but smile. “I forgot you could do perfect impressions of Principal Hightower.” Thanks Tidus. You saved me from… I don’t know what.

Tidus placed his hands on his hips and grinned proudly. “Just doing my part to keep perverts out of the hallways and such.”

“Tidus, I am going to kill you.” growled Riku, aquamarine eyes flashing.

Tidus pouted. “Aww, but you say that every day, Riku.”

“But today, I mean it!” snarled Riku, lunging at Tidus.

Tidus yelped and dodged away. “Come on, man! It was just a joke!”

“I’m not laughing.” answered Riku, reaching for him.

“Well, I’m going to head to detention now.” interrupted Sora. His fingers were unsteady as he grasped the straps of his book bag, and he mentally thanked Tidus again as he hoisted it onto his back.

“Have fun!” chirped Tidus.

“Don’t forget to call me.” insisted Riku, seemingly distracted from his revenge for a moment.

“Yes Sora, don’t forget to call me too.” teased Tidus, batting his eyelashes.

Sora waved and turned the corner.

“Hey! Oww!”

“Gotcha, Blondie!”

“Let go, Riku! You’re going to make me miss the bus!”


Sora shook his head as their voices faded out of range. His own footsteps sounded foreign to him as he strolled down the now empty halls. The main doors were propped open, and the sunlight and fall breeze filtering in made him wish that he didn’t have to stay. No use fighting it now, though. Sora sighed as he found himself once again standing before the open door to his first period class. Hesitantly, he peeked in, and saw his teacher.

Squall Leonhart sat in an armchair beside the teacher’s desk, turning through a textbook. Immediately he looked up and saw Sora. “You decided to come after all.”

Sora fought and managed to keep from blushing. “Yeah.” Gah, why does he always make me feel so awkward?

“Well, you can come in and have a seat. I don’t bite.” Squall assured him.

Sora was conscious of those gray eyes on him as he made his way to his desk and sat down. Expectantly he waited for his teacher to speak. When no instructions were forthcoming, Sora cleared his throat. “So… what do you want me to do?”

“That’s a good question. I’ve never given detention before.” Squall crossed his long legs and looked at Sora thoughtfully. “What do you usually do at detention?”

“Well… Miss Hall used to make me clap erasers.” Sora offered.

Squall cast a glance at the eraser. It was practically untouched, considering the only thing he’d wrote on the board was his name, and he hadn’t bothered to erase it between classes. “Hmm, maybe later on in the week. Anything else?”

“I guess I could always do my homework.” Sora said, reluctantly.

Squall nodded. “Sounds like a plan. Let me know when you’re finished.”

Sora unzipped his book bag. Well, it could be worse. At least he wasn’t scraping gum out from under the desks. He had no intention of letting Mr. Leonhart in on that particular punishment. As he opened his Physics book, Sora couldn’t help but think of Riku, and what Wakka had said. Maybe Riku really did love him and wasn’t trying to make him into just another conquest. “Too weird.” he murmured, shaking his head.

Squall began working on his lesson plan for the next day. Miss Hall had left him plenty of notes on where she was leading the course, but Squall took it upon himself to change those plans. From what little he could tell, Miss Hall was a silly woman with a head full of feminine notions, and he had no intentions of teaching an English class that consisted primarily of romantic poetry and Shakespearean sonnets. “Romance is for women and teenagers.” he muttered, thumbing through the teacher’s text.

Sora finished his last few problems and set the book down. The assignment was unbelievably easy, and he hadn’t even needed his equations sheet. Riku would definitely tease him about being a nerd if he were here. Riku… Sora put his head down on his desk. I wonder what he’s doing right now? He rolled his eyes. Probably scouting out new victims. If Riku wasn’t so damn promiscuous, I might take his little declarations of love more seriously. Sora sighed and laid his head down on the desk. Please… Riku hits on everything. He was even checking out Mr. Leonhart, for crying out loud. Sora raised his eyes and looked at his teacher. But then, I suppose I can hardly blame him…

Oblivious to his pupil’s dilemma, Squall was deeply engrossed in the text. There are some decent stories in here… and Poe, hmm… Maybe I’ll have the class cover this unit next.

Sora merely watched him flip through the pages, his handsome brows furrowed in concentration. Wait… Handsome? Where did that come from? He shook his head. I’m getting as bad as Riku, he thought, once again looking at Mr. Leonhart.

Squall’s gray eyes flashed as he read whatever was on those pages with great interest. A dark eyebrow would arch occasionally, making Sora wonder what he was reading.

It can’t be anything funny, Sora thought. His teacher never once smiled, but his perfectly-shaped mouth remained set in a firm line. It’s a shame, I’ll bet he has a gorgeous smile... Ack! Sora’s eyes widened in shock as he realized the true nature of his own thoughts. Okay… I’m crushing on my new teacher… but, I’m not really attracted to guys, right? I mean, if I was, shouldn’t I have given in to Riku by now?

Squall got the feeling he was being watched and looked up from his book.

Gray eyes suddenly met with blue ones and both men felt the temperature of the room rise a few hundred degrees.

Sora was aware of the heat creeping up his neck and into his face as he realized he’d been caught. Oh shit…

Squall felt his skin prickle with warmth. That kid had been watching him from under his lashes with an intensity that he couldn’t help but respond to. Good God, I feel like a piece of meat. He swallowed hard, his throat suddenly dry.

Sora averted his eyes to his own hands, which were clasped tightly together in his lap. Well, that does it. He’ll call me a pervert, and I’ll never be able to look him in the eye again… not that I should. He knew that he was shaking slightly with the effort it took for him to remain seated and not bolt from the room. Imminent humiliation in 5... 4... 3... 2...

Squall resisted the urge to ask questions that would only further embarrass them both, and tried to calmly evaluate the situation. Okay, that kid was staring at me like he wanted to eat me. But I caught him, and now we’re both a bit uncomfortable. He felt the telltale heat of a blush on his cheeks. Very. So the best thing to do… is avoid the issue. He tried his voice. “Done, so soon?” It sounded fine to him.

Sora’s head snapped up.

Shit. “With your homework, I mean.” Squall added quickly.

Sora visibly relaxed. This is awkward, but at least he didn’t call me a pervert. Yet. “Oh, yeah. It was just Physics.”

Just Physics? That’s like saying it was just a drive-by shooting. Physics used to kick my ass back in high school.” Squall replied, without thinking.

Sora blinked. “Um, okay…” Teachers don’t say ass, at least not in front of the students. That was just as bad as Riku saying ‘anal’ earlier. Riku… Sora had no idea how Riku would react when he told him about this. He figured that Riku would probably be glad to hear that he wasn’t completely straight, but Riku probably wouldn’t be too happy when he learned how Sora had reached that conclusion.

Squall glanced at the clock. Fifteen minutes left. “Well, is there anything else your teacher used to make you do for detention?”

Sora sighed in resignation. Somehow, the worst seemed to have already happened. “She used to make me scrape the gum out of the desks.” he answered finally.

Squall wrinkled his nose. “That’s disgusting.”

“I know.” responded Sora. Still, I’d willingly do it right now, just to put an end to this awkwardness.

“If I ever catch anyone putting gum in their desk, I’ll make them scrape the gum out of all the other desks and chew it.” Squall declared, with complete seriousness.

The remark caught Sora completely off guard, and he laughed loudly. “Now, that’s disgusting!”

Squall smiled without realizing it. “It’d be funny as Hell, you have to admit.” he snickered.

Sora struggled to get his giggles under control. “Yeah, it definitely would be. Until you got fired, anyway.”

Squall smirked. “It’d be worth it, I think. Just to see the look on the kid’s face.” He crossed his arms. “Just between you and me, I’d make that Tidus kid do it for kicks.”

Sora’s laughter erupted anew. Somehow he wasn’t surprised. “Tidus didn’t make a good impression on you, huh?”

Squall rolled his eyes. “Please. I wanted to forcefully introduce him to the brick wall outside.”

Sora grinned. “At last, the truth comes out. Tell me, Mr. Leonhart, was there anyone else that you wanted to smack into a wall?”

Squall sighed. He had a feeling his confession would put an end to this rare playful mood he was sharing. “Honestly… your silver-haired friend didn’t improve my opinion of teenagers much, either.”

Sora blushed. He knew that much already, but it was still weird to hear it. “I sort of figured that. Riku is really… something. A lot of people have a hard time dealing with him.” That’s partly because he’s a serial seducer, but you don’t need to know that.

Squall raised an eyebrow. “Oh? Well, I know how to deal with him. He probably won’t love me for it, but whatever. He can go tell it to a wall.”

Sora knew Riku would be mad at him if he were there, but he couldn’t resist. “Would that be before, or after you introduced him to it?”

Now it was Squall’s turn to laugh uproariously. “Good one.” he snickered. “We’d better quit all this laughing or people will think we’re insane.”

“It’s probably too late for that.” Sora joked, and then felt his heart lurch in his chest when he realized that his teacher was actually smiling. Wow. It’s even more impressive than I thought it would be. Not wanting to let his thoughts be known, he reluctantly looked at the clock. “Time for me to go, right?”

Squall let the last bit of his laughter die as he realized that it indeed was time. “Hmm, so it is.”

Sora picked up his books, absently thinking that at least he didn’t have to take anything home. He could dump them off in his locker and quickly walk home before the ground opened up and swallowed him alive.

Squall watched Sora gather his belongings with an unreadable expression. I like this kid. He’s pretty sharp. His choice in friends could use some work, though. Still… he made me laugh. I haven’t truly laughed since…

“So, I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?” called Sora from the door.

Squall nodded. “Alright, but don’t be late again. I’d have to double your detention. Your friend just might die.” What is he to you, really? Squall wondered, absently.

“Yeah, he just might.” Sora answered truthfully. “See ya.”

As the door closed behind him, Squall paused to reflect on that last thought of his. Why should I care? It’s not any of my business. Still… He thought back to the way Sora had looked at him, and shuddered in spite of himself. Squall was no stranger to having people check him out, but he couldn’t recall ever getting a stare quite as intense as that one. Even the leisurely look-over Riku had given him first thing in the morning couldn’t compare. That look was just flirty, all-talk but no action. Sora’s look, though, had been thrumming with… need. Squall wasn’t sure if anyone had ever looked at him that way before. It was certainly flattering, if nothing else. Then again, it was something else, although Squall would never admit it, not even to himself. Better to just forget it. It’s far too dangerous to dwell on such things.

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