The Encounter

I am not a poet, but I do write poems for class, when I have to.

In the midnight hour on a moonlit inland bay
A lone and lovely young mermaid had surfaced just to play
Her hair was black as obsidian, her eyes a brilliant gray
Her fins a gentle glowing blue, much like a bright spring day

Her arms were thin, yet powerful, they shone like stainless steel
She danced so very gracefully, as agile as an eel
Into her midst the huntsman came, he knew not how to feel
Hed come across such beauty that he was compelled to kneel

She had not seen him as of yet, and so commenced to sing
Her voice was light and crystal clear and through his ears did ring
Immediately he fell in love and tried foolishly to cling
To the mermaids lovely tail, unknowing of the sting

With that the woeful huntsman undertook his final sleep
And the very startled mermaid vanished back into the deep

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