Trespassers Will Be Violated

Surprisingly enough, I actually didn't write this for class. I wrote this for my muse. He's the inspiration behind pretty much every perverse thing I wrote that semester.

It is not in my nature to forgive trespassers.
Such soft, sweet, mercies run afoul,
Of the cruel and low esteem in which I hold
All of Eve’s children, both dirty and clean.
I guard my kingdom jealously, violently,
If need be, and I protect it well.
But you! You beautiful boy--
Have crept into my garden, unannounced,
Stolen the golden apple from my sacred tree,
And now stand boldly before me,
Prize in hand, too proud to run!
You dare to meet the gaze of this goddess?

Oh, I could summon a tempest to temper you--
Hurl you to the far reaches of my lands,
With such ferocity that the churning waves of the Aegean,
Will seem as gentle as a kitten at play.
I could rain down flames, hotter than the furnace of hell,
To burn you to a cinder for my own amusement.
Or caress you with the icy fingers of my indifference
Freeze your lovely image into perfect stillness
Before shattering you into fragments of pain
With high and piercing laughter, more clear
Than the purpose in your dark eyes.
Why have you come here, beautiful boy?

Has the pale outside world lost its charm?
Do you seek darker delights, within my realm?
Speak freely your wish, my mysterious adventurer!
If hedonism is what you need, I can bestow upon you…
Such pleasures that you should blush for shame,
But I daresay you will not have the blood to spare.
If masochism is your aim, I can provide…
So much exquisite pain that no inch of your frame,
Shall remain untouched by my wicked designs.
If warmth is your ultimate desire, I will…
Engulf you in my bright and raging ruby fire,
Scorching a trail of heat throughout your soul.

Oh, you have seduced me, you beautiful boy…
And I shall give you everything you want,
Except that for which you came.
That golden apple, is my heart, you see,
And no mortal man may partake of it,
That shall not die a bitter death from a single bite.
I would not have you twisted and destroyed,
From trying to win the love of this goddess.
But if you remain here with me, dark and beautiful--
In time, I just might make you as I am;
Raise you up to share my ivory throne,
And on that day, my love, we shall feast on fruit.

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