A collection of various mahem I've concocted over the years. Some of the shit is so old, I no longer agree with it completely. All of it however, is copyrighted to me, so don't even think about stealing.

This symbol ---> denotes a new or updated item, and this symbol ---> denotes a work in progress.

Napster: 10-4-00
Drugs: 10-5-00
Prostitutes: 11-2-00
I Still Love Napster : 2-11-01
School Shootings: 3-6-01
Capital Punishment: 6-19-01
Religion: 8-13-01
Guns: 8-13-01
Bad Parenting: 8-13-01
Attack on America: 9-23-01
George W. Bush:11-12-01
Assisted Suicide: 6-24-02
Women Rant: 8-21-02
Men Rant: 8-21-02
The Joy of Politics: 1-16-03
Virginia Tech Shooting: 4-17-07

Hannibal: 2-23-01
The Mummy Returns: 6-10-01
Shrek: 6-19-01
Jurassic Park 3: 7-31-01
Thirteen Ghosts: 10-31-01

Aquarium Epiphany: {Kingdom Hearts} Completely pointless, utterly plotless Riku & Sora yaoi.
Change My Stripes: {Kingdom Hearts} It's hard enough being a high school student. It's even harder when your best friend is in love with you, although you're not attracted to the same sex. But then, why do you keep staring at your new English teacher. Riku & Sora vs. Squall & Sora. It's yaoi, but with plot.
City of Dying Dreams: {Kingdom Hearts} In a city where one man has everything, they only have each other. But for how long? Riku & Sora yaoi, but with plot.
Possession: {Kingdom Hearts} Ansem & Riku yaoi, just because. No plot, no point, no shame.

English Class: Sadistic teachers are enough to drive you mad <---From high school = bad
The Ex: She soon found out that he was indeed a man of good taste <---From high school = bad
The Appointment: He will get to all of you, in due time
Confessions of a Label Whore: No, this is not an actual confession
Listen: Active listening is a very important skill, don't you know
For Charlie: Because we're all just wolves and rabbits, really
Cheers: Speak now, or forever shut your mouth
The Sound of Silence: More depressing than the ending of Watchmen
Eagles May Soar, But Weasels Don't Get Sucked Into Jet Engines: Ah, childhood...
Fair-Haired Child: Think of the children, but not that way
Cubicle Farm: It damn sure ain't duck season

Christmas Poem: So full of holiday cheer <---From high school = bad
Valentine's Day Poem: Absolutely romantic <---From high school = bad
Thank You, Captain Obvious: This was written in the winter, by the way
Spring Haiku: I actually like these
Twilight Sonnet: Don't even ask
Denziens of the Dark: Because I really do hate them that much
Grief's Villanelle: Kind of sad, or something
Some Ol' Bullshit: I hate romance
Practically a Saint: A slightly pervy little piece
Youthful Indiscretion: Not only the good die young
Flamenco: Bust a move
Well, If You Must Know: Totally random
Ode to the Litter Box: Exactly what it sounds like
Husband: That cheating bastard
If I Could: I'll fly away
Fall Haiku: I should stick to these things
Circus: All the world is a stage
Atropos: Perfect example of word vomit
Glutton For Punishment: Allow me to exercise my demons, as they're getting a bit fat. What do you mean it's exorcise?!
The Offering: Even animals are getting hit by the recession
The Encounter: I finally wrote one that rhymes
Can You Keep A Secret?: I sure as hell can't
I Am Not A Creep, I Am A Pick-Up Artiste: Because even I need loving from time to time
Trespassers Will Be Violated: Damn right
The Harpy & The Manticore: A sad fairy tale of sorts
Self-Made Martyr: Can you feel the obsession, yet?
Eat Drink Love: The one that got published

Jokes: A bunch of jokes I like
Starbucks Opens 666th Billionth Store: A humor article in the style of The Onion.

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